Street Fight Daily: Lyft Launches Waze Integration, ‘Platform Relationship Specialists’ Emerge

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Waze Integration Rolls Out Nationwide in Lyft’s Mobile App (TechCrunch)
The integration is part of Waze’s larger move to offer on-demand and transportation businesses access to its data for various uses in their own apps. Companies are able to tap into a variety of Waze features, including travel time date, routing information, ETA calculations, and more.

The Rise of the Publishing Platform Specialist (Wall Street Journal)
Publishers are increasingly posting content directly to platforms, so readers don’t need to visit independent websites or apps. But each platform has its own technical requirements, processes, hurdles, and pace of evolution. Publishers need to understand how many people are accessing their content, how to generate revenue from it through advertising and other means, and what type of content is best-suited to which platform.

Service Marketplace Lead Gen — What Color Do Disruptors Bleed? (Street Fight)
Charity Huff: Marketplaces have disrupted long-standing lead-gen sources like Google, Craigslist, HomeAdvisor, and Angie’s List — all of which caused disruption within yellow pages years before. Layer in mobile, and consumers’ migration to that channel, and we are going through a new era of models for service businesses to consider.

Publishers See Rising Premium on Mobile Advertising (AdExchanger)
Phil Barrett: Mobile advertising is growing faster than all other forms of digital advertising. There’s a rising premium on this relatively young channel, as the inherent qualities of mobile offer more advanced opportunities for targeting and direct action and require a different approach from publishers with regard to creative.

9 Killer Location Features for Retailer Mobile Apps (Street Fight)
Retail apps have a reputation for being bulky and unnecessary, and for taking up space on consumers’ phones without delivering enough benefit. Going forward, the key for retailers looking to gain traction with their branded mobile apps will be integration with more location-based components.

Why Every Household Is About to Get a Brand-New Fridge (TechCrunch)
Sephi Shapira: How will the IoT manifest itself in the home? For many consumer brands and retailers, there’s one door that holds the key to $65 billion a month spent by American households: the refrigerator door.

The Game of Concentration: The Internet Is Pushing the American News Business to New York and the Coasts (Nieman Lab)
Joshua Benton: Physical distribution of newspapers and over-the-air distribution of TV signals meant location was all-important for daily news. Journalistic talent was arrayed to match, with substantial newsrooms in every city. Digital changed that.

Most SMBs Measure Social Media Success by Amount of Views (eMarketer)
SMBs in the U.S. use a variety of different metrics to gauge the success of their social media efforts. According to January 2016 research, more than half of SMB professionals said they use views to measure their social media success. Some 34 percent of respondents said they used posts to measure success, and another 34 percent used interactions.

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