Street Fight Daily: Alphabet Earnings Show Google Search Still On Top, Local Advertising’s ‘Context’

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Google Search Leads the Way as Alphabet Beats Earnings Expectations (Adweek)
Google still makes up most of the Alphabet. In the first report that separates the parent company’s advertising business from special projects like self-driving cars and delivery drones, fourth-quarter earnings revealed that the search engine still accounts for the majority of Alphabet’s value.

Yahoo Takes Declining Share of Worldwide Ad Revenues (eMarketer)
Yahoo’s planned earnings release is being overshadowed by expectation of a major corporate reorganization and significant layoffs. The increasing clamor for a new direction reflects Yahoo’s ebbing position in the worldwide advertising market. While its ad revenues are expected to go up, its share of the total is not, forcing it into a tighter corner of the market.

Understanding the Context of Local Advertising’s Supply and Demand (Street Fight)
Andrea Duggan: The current election cycle has demonstrated the importance of context in the supply and demand of local media. In this type of market, the early bird gets the worm. Consumer brands are learning this lesson the hard way and getting shut out of local opportunities that might otherwise have been available.

One-Seventh of the Global Population Now Uses WhatsApp (Forbes)
Only a few companies in the world can claim more than 1 billion active users, and WhatsApp is now one of them. 2016 could be the most important year for WhatsApp since its acquisition by Facebook, which has given the company free reign to focus on growing its user base.

Case Study: Bakery Takes Digital Approach to Local Marketing (Street Fight)
Like many local merchants, Heather Zidell has seen the number of customers finding her business through Yelp climb over the years. She decided to take the leap into paid advertising on the platform as a way to ensure that her bakery was being listed ahead of competitors.

The Beginning of the End of ‘Gimmick Commerce?’ (Recode)
Jason Del Rey: The cold winds of an investor pullback from ecommerce companies are blowing, and they’re not being particularly kind to companies I’ll label as “gimmick commerce” — companies that grow quickly in their early years, often by relying on heavy discounting or convincing customers to sign up for recurring deliveries, but eventually face challenges growing into a sustainable enterprise.

Pager Expands Its On-Demand Doctor Service by Letting Users Chat with Nurses (TechCrunch)
In the new version of doctor-on-demand service Pager, everything gets managed through an interface where you chat with on-staff nurses. Once they have a sense of what you need, they can identify the medical provider and level of service that makes the sense for you, whether it’s a remote “telemedicine” session, a house call, or a hospital visit.

Placed’s Shim: Location-Based Optimization Is the ‘SEO of 2016’ (GeoMarketing)
If there’s a single focus for location analytics company Placed this year, it’s “location-based optimization.” The term, said CEO David Shim, is meant to get advertisers and the platform companies that serve them to recognize the need to rank performance for how well marketing providers are able to drive actual business to a specific place.

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