LBMA Podcast: Proxfinity, Estimote, Carrefour and Basket

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: Real holograms thanks to Kino-Mo; Proxfinity’s smart badge for conferences; Samsung’s TipTalk lets you talk into your finger; Down with walkie-talkies thanks to Theatro; Microsoft’s Skip means no lineups at Gerrity Supermarkets; Carrefour lets you shop like a Jedi; Estimote rakes in $10M; PlaceIQ trumps that with $25M; Microsoft is acquiring InMobi; InMarket puts beacons in every RiteAid store. Our App selection is Basket from Andy Ellwood.

Top stories of the week

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1. Kino-Mo holographic images 9:00
2. Proxfinity – the wearable smart badge for conferences 12:42
3. Samsung launches TipTalk 15:30
4. Container Store replaces the WalkieTalkie with Theatro 20:44
5. Microsoft’s “Skip app” at Gerrity’s Supermarkets 25:12

App Pick: Andy Ellwood’s Basket 33:23

Member News

1. Carrefour’s Shop Like A Jedi Campaign 36:00
2. Estimote raises $10M 37:37
3. Microsoft to acquire InMobi 38:25
4. PlaceIQ raises $25M 41:52
5. InMarket rolls out beacons to every RiteAid store 43:44