Street Fight Daily: DoorDash Partners With 7-Eleven, How Instagram’s Latest Update Affects Advertising

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Delivery Startup DoorDash Is Promising to Send 7-Eleven Food and Drinks to Your Home in 45 Minutes or Less (Business Insider)
DoorDash, a startup that delivers food from local restaurants across the country, is partnering up with 7-Eleven. In addition to kitchen essentials, snacks, and fresh food, DoorDash and 7-Eleven will offer collections of goods that will consist of common items you might need to host a dinner party, or to recover from a cold.

New, Stretched-Out Instagram Means More Ads (Mashable)
Instagram’s limited square format made the app look neat, but it thwarted many brands from pouring advertisements into users’ timelines. Now the square is dead, and the ads are on the way. After years of cautious restraint, Instagram is trying with newfound fervor to wring more money from the millions of tinted selfies and sunsets that populate the app.

Why ‘On-Demand’ Alone Isn’t Enough to Make a Viable Business (Street Fight)
Adam Burrows: Success in this market doesn’t come from betting that millions of consumers will change their purchase behaviors. Success in the on-demand economy employs a simple, time-tested formula: taking an existing service — one that a lot of people use — and making it better.

As Giant Platforms Rise, Local News is Getting Crushed (Nieman Lab)
Joshua Benton: This has not been a good year for local news. That’s a sentence I could have written any year for the past decade, for a host of reasons now numbingly familiar. But 2015 has felt like a turning point for the most threatened sector of the American news ecosystem.

5 On-Demand Platforms for Medical Marijuana Delivery (Street Fight)
Up until now, one of the major pain points in medical marijuana consumption has been access. But on-demand platforms can keep delivery times down and safety up. Here are five examples of companies offering on-demand medical marijuana delivery.

Mobile to Account for More than Half of Digital Ad Spending in 2015 (eMarketer)
This will be a benchmark year for ad spending in the U.S., as mobile is predicted to surpass desktop spending for the first time. Mobile will account for 51.9 percent of total digital spending in 2015, a higher figure than was forecast earlier this year.

Amazon’s One-Hour Alcohol Delivery May Be a Headache for Startups (Wall Street Journal)
As Amazon experiments in Washington – the only state in which it now holds a liquor license – and evaluates the complex patchwork of regulations governing alcohol sales nationwide, more than a half-dozen alcohol delivery startups are working to differentiate themselves from one another and Amazon while wooing more physical retail stores to use their technology.

Yummly Raises $15 Million at $100M Valuation for Recipe Recommendation and Food Delivery (TechCrunch)
Yummly takes recipes submitted by users, suggests other types of foods or recipes that those users might like, and, through an integration with Instacart, allows them to place orders to have ingredients for their recipes delivered.

Klarna Powers Mobile Payments for in U.S. Push (Fortune)
PayPal and Stripe are getting a new competitor this week as Stockholm-based payments upstart Klarna makes its first move in the U.S., partnering with online retailer Klarna offers consumers the ability to not enter financial details until later in the transaction, a feature the company says can increase conversion rates by as much as 30 percent.

Can a Google Maps for Indoors Save Shopping Malls? (MarketWatch)
IndoorAtlas, a Google Maps-like app for in-store navigation, has presented itself as an alternative to beacon technology. But whether shoppers will ever want to install an app just to help them find shirts is a question retailers will have to answer

Facebook for SMBs 101: Emphasis is on Targeting Tools, Lessons on Place Tips and Beacons To Come (Geomarketing)
Even though there’s been a lot of fanfare around Facebook’s testing and rollout of its mobile app-based Place Tips, along with the beacons that support that feature, Facebook’s director for Small Business (North America) Jonathan Czaja notes that the social network still has a way to go until mainstream SMBs start clamoring for greater proximity marketing tools.

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