5 On-Demand Platforms for Medical Marijuana Delivery

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With legal marijuana on its way to becoming a $35 billion industry by 2020 — growing 74% just last year — it’s no surprise that technology providers are looking at where they fit in. Medical marijuana involves repeat purchasers, it’s inherently social, and it’s an industry that has ample room for growth — all of which are pillars that technology executives believe are necessary for success in the on-demand economy.

Up until now, one of the major pain points in medical marijuana consumption has been access. Some patients are unable to drive to their local dispensaries, and others are relying on individual couriers who can be difficult to reach when they’re needed. On-demand platforms offer a solution for medical marijuana delivery on a grander scale, keeping delivery times down and safety up.

Here are five examples of companies offering on-demand medical marijuana delivery.

1. Eaze: Uber-like legal marijuana delivery
Eaze is a cross between Uber and a medical marijuana courier, providing people with marijuana prescriptions with a safe way to have the product delivered to their doors within minutes of being ordered. Patients who’ve gone through the process of being “verified” by Eaze can choose products from a visual in-app menu, and then have those products delivered to their doors within minutes. Eaze dispatches drivers based on its users’ geo-locations, however the products that these drivers deliver don’t come from Eaze — they come from legally-permitted dispensaries who’ve partnered with the platform. Eaze only accepts cash. It is available in more than 65 cities across California.

2. GreenRush: A marketplace for cannabis delivery options
GreenRush differentiates itself by being a marketplace that simply connects patients with local dispensaries, while still allowing dispensaries to retain control over the fulfillment process. Patients with doctors’ recommendations or medical marijuana cards can place orders through GreenRush’s mobile app. In addition to providing patients with a discreet way to order marijuana through their smartphones, GreenRush also serves as a discovery platform for local dispensaries. (Earlier this summer, the company announced a partnership with Harborside Health Center, which is the nation’s largest medical marijuana dispensary.) GreenRush limits orders to no more than 2 ounces at a single time. All transactions are cash only. GreenRush is based in the Bay Area, however it hopes to soon expand elsewhere in California.

3. Meadow Care: Marijuana deliveries from local, licensed dispensaries
People with medical marijuana cards can buy cannabis from local dispensaries and have it delivered to their doors in less than an hour when they use the Meadow mobile app. The on-demand service gives its users a way to join partner collectives online by verifying their information and supplying a physician’s letter. Once their credentials have been verified, patients can order products from an image-heavy menu and have them delivered to their doors. People who don’t have medical marijuana cards can pay $100 for a doctor’s visit, which is scheduled and managed by Meadow MD. Meadow’s partners all accept either cash or debit card. The service is available in the Bay Area.

4. Nugg: Marijuana delivery or pick-up at participating dispensaries
Nugg is another app that can put people in contact with certified doctors, who may write them prescriptions for medical marijuana. Once users have gotten their cards, they can get verified by Nugg and browse the products sold by local dispensaries. Nugg offers real-time order tracking through its mobile app, and users have the option to pay with cash or a credit card. (All payments are transacted between the patient and the dispensary.) In addition to delivery, Nugg also facilitates in-person pick-ups, with some participating dispensaries offering a “fast track” lane for Nugg patients who are picking up their orders. Patient information is shared only with the collectives that a user orders from. Nugg is available in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

5. Speed Weed: Home delivery from a medical marijuana cooperative
Available in many areas throughout both Northern and Southern California, Speed Weed is a non-profit medical marijuana cooperative that delivers medications to patients’ homes and offices. People with medical marijuana recommendations can place orders for cannabis through their mobile devices, and Speed Weed will deliver those orders in about an hour (depending on traffic). For people who don’t have medical marijuana cards, Speed Weed recommends visiting HelloMD to see a physician online and secure a recommendation in around 20 minutes.

Know of other on-demand apps for medical marijuana delivery? Leave a description in the comments.

Stephanie Miles is a senior editor at Street Fight.

Stephanie Miles is a journalist who covers personal finance, technology, and real estate. As Street Fight’s senior editor, she is particularly interested in how local merchants and national brands are utilizing hyperlocal technology to reach consumers. She has written for FHM, the Daily News, Working World, Gawker, Cityfile, and Recessionwire.