Street Fight Daily: Google Introduces New Parent Company, Amazon Launchpad’s Challenges

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Meet Alphabet, The New Conglomerate Absorbing Google (Marketing Land)
Google’s being acquired and its new owner will be Alphabet, a palace coup pulled off by Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Page said Monday that Alphabet’s structure will allow for “more management scale, as we can run things independently that aren’t very related.” Here, a rundown of Alphabet, Google, and the people and projects behind both.

Amazon’s Next Big Challenge: Getting You to Buy Stuff You Didn’t Know You Wanted (Recode)
Last month Amazon unveiled an online storefront, Launchpad, that will sell products from startups and crowdfunding campaigns. But some of these categories of goods may pose problems for Amazon because they fall out of the company’s sweet spot; Amazon is an amazing place to shop when you know the exact brand or product you want to buy, but it’s a long way off from being a top source for discovery of new goods.

Mapsense CEO: The Rise of On-Demand, Location-Based Apps Is a ‘Huge’ Opportunity (Street Fight)
Smartphone users have many options for consumer location apps, like Google Maps. But many businesses that depend on location information are finding themselves without apps that meet their specific needs. Street Fight caught up with Mapsense CEO Erez Cohen to talk about the growing need for mapping data in on-demand apps, and increasing competition in the geolocation space.

Startups Vie to Build an Uber for Health Care (Wall Street Journal)
Several startups are putting a high-tech spin on old-fashioned house calls, or “in-person visits”. The services provide a range of nonemergency medical care — from giving flu shots to treating strep throats and stitching lacerations — much like a mobile urgent-care clinic.

Revived Daily Voice Expands Into North Jersey With 22 New Sites  (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: Pushed to near death two-and-a-half years ago by heavy losses, regional community news network Daily Voice has resurrected itself, expanding in suburban Connecticut and New York State — and now the network is about to cross the Hudson River into northern New Jersey.

Google Maps Moves From the Street Outside to Interior Store Aisles (GeoMarketing)
If you’ve spent any amount of time zooming around Google Maps recently, you may have noticed something if you passed over a large store like Home Depot: certain larger retailers have their interiors mapped out on Google Maps. Google likely used resources from a startup it acquired a few years ago, Zipdash, to come up with its own traffic analysis system.

Teleport Expands Its Life, Housing Search Engine to New York City (TechCrunch)
As Silicon Valley buckles under the pressure of housing the technology industry it created, a company called Teleport has been quietly building a set of tools to distribute tech and knowledge-workers throughout the rest of the world. In an era of unprecedented mass mobility, Teleport’s goal is to help nomadic workers figure out the best cities to work from.

Bing Launches In-Depth Industry Ad Visualizations Across Devices, Time & Location (Search Engine Land)
Bing has announced the Bing Ads Marketplace Trends Interactive Website, a tool that will help marketers gather more data across specific industry verticals. Its three main reports cover time and ad scheduling trends, device targeting trends, and location targeting trends.

Retailers Eye Value in Beacon Data (eMarketer)
In regards to beacon technology, consumer interest has barely managed to rise above indifference and most retailers are still in the experimental phase, so the question remains whether beacons are still on the verge or already a flash in the pan.

If You’re Building A Startup, Build For Mobile (Forbes)
Edmund Ingham: The rise of mobile means that it’s curtains for the personal computer. The balance of power has shifted permanently; Seattle and Japan (PCs) are out, California (Apple, Google) and China (manufacturing) are in.

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