Street Fight Daily: Google Tests Home Services Ads, StubHub and Uber Pair Up

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Google Home Services Ads For Locksmiths, Plumbers Hit San Francisco Market (Search Engine Land)
Google’s anticipated program to promote local service providers in search ads is coming out of the woodwork. The company has confirmed a beta test for the program just launched in the San Francisco market.

StubHub Now Lets You Request an Uber Ride So You’re Never Late to an Event (The Next Web)
Buying tickets to events online is the first step to a fun night out. Transportation is also crucial, and possibly the more frustrating aspect. Now, StubHub and Uber will let you schedule a reminder to request a pick-up once you purchase tickets on your smartphone.

6 Ways Wearables Will Enhance the Shopping Experience (Street Fight)
In order to take full advantage of the data that wearables provide, businesses need to give consumers a reason to share. Here are six examples of ways that wearables can be leveraged to enhance the shopping experience for customers at brick-and-mortar stores.

How Apple’s Embrace of Ad Blocking Will Change Native Advertising (Digiday)
By blocking standard display ads on mobile by the end of 2015, Apple is strongarming publishers into examining revenue models that diverge from the traditional banner-ad business. This is creating an industry shift by stoking the need for something that doesn’t exist today: a sophisticated model of native advertising.

A Deeper Look at ‘Michele’s List’ of Independent Local News Sites Reveals a Gloomier Picture (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: After taking a second, closer look at “Michele’s List,” I’m more worried about independent community news sites. I was surprised to see that more than half of them generate only $50,000 or less in revenue, hardly enough to run a “Ramen-noodle”-type operation.

Understanding the Shopping Habits of Business Travelers (Skift)
U.S. business travelers make more money than the average American, and stand at the online intersection of hotel and airline loyalty programs and non-travel brands. Business travelers do most of their shopping online, and use smartphones to shop online 20% more than leisure travelers.

Tictail Wants to Be Your Global Marketplace by Going Local (Wired)
Tictail has predominantly been focused on building products to help small business easily launch online. Now that it has tens of thousands of them, the company is setting its eyes on reaching a larger swath of consumers with the hopes that shoppers everywhere are looking for a more international aesthetic that comes from hosting local designers from all around the world.

The Future Of The Digital Store Is Closer Than You Think (Forrester)
Adam Silverman: Some of the most revolutionary digital store innovations are completely invisible to the customer. We may not always notice it happening around us, but digital store transformation isn’t some far-off ideal that retail executives are ruminating on from the sidelines. For leading retail organizations, the store of the future is already well underway.

Marketing Intelligence Firm Radius Raises Another $50 Million (ZDNet)
Radius pegs itself as data science company for B2B marketers. Its platform revolves around a predictive marketing software suite and its proprietary data science engine, the Radius Intelligence Cloud, which tracks more than 50 billion data points on 30 million businesses.

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