Street Fight Daily: BBC’s Hyperlocal News Push, HotelTonight App Introduces Local Concierge

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

BBC Seeks to Forge Working Links With Hyperlocal News Sites (Guardian)
BBC has launched a consultation aimed at forging partnerships with community news providers and bloggers. The initiative follows an April announcement that the corporation would roll out a special website feature to facilitate links to local newspaper stories; now it wants to add hyperlocals to that facility.

Mobile App Company HotelTonight Launching Personal Concierge Feature (Wall Street Journal)
HotelTonight, a San Francisco startup, is launching a personal concierge feature it calls Aces. The service allows users to ask questions about the cities they are visiting, from restaurant tips to sightseeing recommendations. (Subscription required.)

Why All Brands Need to Prepare for the Localization of Marketing (Street Fight)
Rob Reed: In order to fully appreciate the significance of localized marketing, we first need to understand the dominant forms of marketing that preceded it. There have been three major technological disruptions over the past century that fundamentally changed the marketing landscape.

Google Upgrades Mobile Browser Display to Allow Reviews (
Mike Blumenthal: With the advent of this search display update, users can once again leave mobile reviews across major platforms and browsers by simply searching for the business, selecting the more info button in the Knowledge panel, scrolling down to the rate and review area, and selecting a star rating.

On the Road: The Future of On-Demand Delivery Is in Motion (Street Fight)
Rick Robinson: Figuring out how to consistently and quickly deliver services to a driver when the destination is unsure means a provider needs to develop a mesh network of always-in-motion providers of services and also serve customers in a place they are unaccustomed to doing business.

The Growth Of Mobile: Do We Need Some Perspective? (Search Engine Land)
To be sure, mobile has come a long way since just a few years ago. Yet this new focus on “everything mobile” and “mobile first” might be misplaced if it is to the exclusion of multi-device users.

McClatchy Says It’s a ‘Digital’ Company, but More Work Still Remains (Street Fight)
There is no doubt that McClatchy is putting an enormous amount of energy and talent into digital — but will it be enough when print is shrinking so rapidly? Street Fight spoke to the company’s VP of products, marketing, and promotion, Christian Hendricks, about where McClatchy is in its digital evolution.

Why Big Hotel Brands Need to Act More Like Airbnb (Skift)
The big hotel brands can do a lot more to elevate the whole “local” trend by recommending apps and web-based platforms that guide guests to local neighborhoods, just like Airbnb hosts do. The concept of the next generation hotel acting as a hyper-connected knowledge hub in its immediate community is compelling, but for the most part unrealized.

Boston Investors Back Adored’s iBeacon App, Mobile Loyalty Vision (Xconomy)
Adored uses iBeacon transmitter technologies to beam personalized offers to customers in restaurants, cafes, and resorts. The location-based rewards scenario is a holy grail of mobile marketing, but after many years of effort in areas like indoor positioning, check-ins, and mobile offers, things seem to be falling into place.

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