Street Fight Daily: Yelp’s Struggles Continue, New App Bizibid Wants to Boost Local Economies

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Yelp Traffic Could Decline for the First Time Ever After Google Changed its Search Algorithm (Business Insider)
Yelp’s traffic seems to have slowed following two recent Google search algorithm updates that appear to have affected all local search directories. It’s a sign of the increasing competition between the company and Google, which have a troubled history.

What Would Happen If Uber, Priceline, and Craigslist Had a Baby? (New York Observer)
With Bizibid, set to launch later this week, users post odd jobs they need done and name the price; interested parties can then respond to the post. Even though convenience is key, the larger mission is providing local communities with extra income, according to app creator Ryan Glen.

Why Selling to Partners and Resellers Is Never a Straight Path (Street Fight)
Michael Taylor: Not unlike local merchants, media companies are constantly bombarded by digital product and ad tech platform companies all vying for their consideration. Getting the attention of reseller and partner decision makers requires a clear understanding of their business challenges.

Microsoft’s Tossup App Makes it Easier to Meet Your Friends for Lunch (The Verge)
The app, which features calendar integration and built-in Yelp ratings, acts as a hub where users can collectively figure out exactly what they want to do — and help pinpoint the best time when everyone’s free to meet up.

Beacons Reaching Millennial Moms, But Not Necessarily Motivating Them to Buy (Street Fight)
A new report from beacon proximity platform inMarket indicates that millennial moms in the U.S are getting the beacon message — literally — with more than 38 percent (or 3.4 million out of 9 million) actively using beacon-enabled apps every month.

Search After the Search Box: Google Now Pushes Into the Next Frontier of Mobile Behavior (Recode)
Search is evolving swiftly, and there’s currently little room for Google’s core business of selling search ads. Google has labored to amend that, releasing a series of features designed to magnify and entrench its presence within mobile search, which now dominates the desktop. Chief among them is a push to let its personal assistant, Google Now, burrow deeper into our digital lives.

Microsoft Previews New Bing Maps, Puts Focus on Travel Planning (TechCrunch)
Bing Maps now organizes your searches in cards and remembers your last searches, keeping those different searches plotted on the map so it’s easy to see where places are in relation to each other (maybe you’re looking for a sushi restaurant next to a movie theater).

The Power of Wi-Fi: Using Mobile To Drive Customer Acquisition And Loyalty (Marketing Land)
Allen Haims: We know that consumers seek low-investment, high-return tools to help them find what they’re looking for, at the right price, and in the immediate vicinity to quickly make a purchase. Malls and retailers can leverage this opportunity by tapping into the power of Wi-Fi.

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