Street Fight Daily: Snapchat Tests Local, Yelp Sues Reputation Firm

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

snapchat-020114Snapchat Tries Our Stories For Locals Only (TechCrunch)
Snapchat’s newest feature could turn Our Stories into hip, visual back channels by locals for locals only. The company is currently experimenting with a version of its normally public, big event Our Stories that feature Snaps from a certain location that can only be seen by people nearby

5 Steps for SMBs Looking to Dominate the Local Competition (Street Fight)
David Giannetto: SMBs’ natural advantages are being eroded by the techniques that social and mobile technologies make available to larger businesses. Here are five steps that can serve as the starting point for competing more effectively in the new social economy.

Yelp Sues Positive Review Provider Revleap (IT World)
Yelp has filed a lawsuit against Revleap, a company that says it can help businesses improve their ratings, though Yelp says it actually spams them and cons them out of money. Revleap operates a paid service that it says can “create a large constant flow of positive reviews that stay on top of your profile, and remove fake reviews.”

Same-Day Delivery: Delivering Profits Or Just Parcels? (Forrester)
Can same day delivery models be used efficiently in retail without having a negative impact on profitability? Despite the hype and flashy headlines, the business case for same-day delivery remains largely uncertain—and key questions such as, “Will customers use it?” remain unanswered.

Just Eat Acquires Mexican Online Take-Out Ordering Service SinDelantal.Mx (TechCrunch)
The online take-out ordering behemoth (and recently publicly listed company) has acquired Mexico’s SinDelantal.Mx to add to its Latin American presence. It’s thought to be one of the largest, if not the largest, online company exit in Mexico, which probably isn’t saying too much considering how nascent the market is.

Is Your Local Site Mobile Friendly? Should It Be? (Search Engine Land)
While it’s obvious that more consumers are both browsing and shopping online, it also appears that Google may be preparing for a mobile algorithm update based on some of the recent activities. If your site is not mobile-friendly, it could impact your overall performance and hurt your business.

Apple Pay Needs a Legit Challenger, but Google and Square’s Plaso Collaboration Has Some Work to Do (Pando)
Google and Square’s newly revealed brick-and-mortar payment collaboration, which is aimed at regaining the turf ceded to Apple Pay over the first few months of the platform’s rollout, falls somewhere on the copy-cat spectrum. Where, and thus how impactful it will be on the payments ecosystem remains to be seen.

Foursquare Can Recommend Places Even If You Don’t Sign In (Engadget)
A new Foursquare update completely eliminates the need to make an account, letting anyone use it to find a decent place to eat or somewhere to spend time without having to log in or even to create an account. Is Uber For When Your Ride Breaks Down (TechCrunch)
The on-demand roadside assistance app aims to be the Uber of what happens if your car can’t be used as an Uber anymore. Founded by Chris Spanos, Surendra Goel, and Luke Kathol, the service allows you to pinpoint your location and request help.

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