Street Fight Daily: WaPo’s Local Play, Foursquare’s Big Year

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 7.12.41 AMHere’s A New, Inventive Way Jeff Bezos Plans To Make Money From The Washington Post (Business Insider)
According to new report, The Washington Post plans to sell its back-end content-management system (CMS) to local and regional newspapers. The Post was approached by some of its partner newspapers, which already have content-sharing deals with The Post, about licensing the software that’s used for The Post’s website.

Hyperlocal Execs’ 2015 Predictions (Part One): Moz, Foursquare, Placed (Street Fight)
As we have for the past three years, Street Fight recently asked a number of hyperlocal luminaries to weigh in with their predictions for where local is headed in 2015. We’ll be running their responses in two installments, today and tomorrow.

Foursquare Bet It All On Big Changes In 2014 (Upstart)
The one-time darling of Silicon Alley was flailing when the year started. So it changed everything about its products. Executives have said it’s on pace to make between $30 million and $40 million this year, and there are surely major users of its API who are willing to pay for its treasure troves of user data.

Street Fight’s 10 Most Popular Stories From 2014 (Street Fight)
As 2014 winds down, here’s a look back at some of the Street Fight stories that really piqued your interest this year (at least as far as page views go.)

10 Things I Learned About Local SEO In 2014 (Search Engine Land)
Andrew Shotland: We may not be in school anymore, but as we in the SEO business know, the education process never ends. With that in mind, I’d like to share with you some of the things I learned about this bizarre trade we practice over the past year.

Here’s The Problem With Apple’s iPad Strategy For Businesses (Business Insider)
In July Apple announced a huge partnership with IBM to sell iPads in the enterprise, and promised to create industry-specific apps. Apple analyst Horace Dediu is bullish about those apps, saying “IBM has had to essentially say no to those who buy and yes to those who are paid to use.”

Big Idea 2015: Companies Should Fire Bad Customers (Time)
Fred Reichheld: The Net Promoter System is built on customer feedback — but if the feedback comes from the wrong customers, then what is the point? Taking feedback seriously from the wrong customers simply diminishes the credibility of the system and alienates frontline employees. It’s time to empower employees.

The “Best Of” Omnichannel In 2014 (Pymnts)
In 2014, it became clear that consumer shopping norms and habits were being disrupted more than ever thanks to the rapid adoption of new technology. Retailers therefore began to actively search for and implement strategies to ensure the future of their businesses.

PayClip Raises $5.2m In Its Quest To Bring Square-like Payment Processing To Latin America (Pando)
Like Square, Clip focuses on enabling smartphone users to accept physical credit card payments. This is in contrast to the majority of consumer and SMB-facing solutions in the market today instead seek to replace payment terminals entirely, either through the use of digital wallets, mobile or Web-based checkout.

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