LBMA Podcast: Amazon Home Services, Retail Prophet

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: Europe is just next door; Hire a plumber from Amazon; Hexoskin’s Arctic Smart Shirt; Google takes over Times Square; Drones in TGI Fridays; Shazam goes in-store with Mood Media; Decorate the Crystal Tree from an app; Hike with me + ShowUp make the solo outing a thing of the past; Audi’s new car sharing platform; Fujitsu turns light into image recognition. Our resource of the week is 3D printed maps for the blind. Our special guest is Retail prophet Doug Stephens.

Show Notes:

Top stories of the week

1. “Europe is Just Next Door” campaign TBWA + SNCP (Paris) 10:40
2. Amazon getting into “local services” 13:20
3. Hexoskin – Arctic Smart Shirt 15:35
4. Giant billboard in Times Square – Interact with Google’s Androidify app 19:00
5. TGI Fridays – Mistletoe drones 22:00
6. Shazam + Mood Media = Shazam In-store 24:00
7. The Crystal Tree – teamLab 27:30
8. & ShowUp apps 29:35
9. Audi’s new car sharing system 31:50
10. Fujitsu’s “Light labeling system” 34:50

Special Guest: Doug Stephens of RetailProphet 40:45

Top stories:
1. Amazon 47:50
2. Drones 53:50
3. Audi 60:45

Resource of the week
Japanese Cartographers Create Printable 3D Maps for the Blind 70:00