Street Fight Daily: Video Spending Thrives, Uber Hires Former Lyft COO

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Movie player icon videoVideo Growth Drives Display Advertising Spending To $37.6 Billion In 2019 (Forrester)
US online display advertising will grow from $19.8 billion in 2014 to $37.6 billion in 2019, at a compound annual growth rate of 13.7%. Video advertising will represent nearly 55% of online display advertising revenue on desktop by 2019. Its growth will be cannibalizing primarily static display.

Beacons Do Pose a Privacy Threat — But It’s Not the One You’re Worried About (Street Fight)
Steven Jacobs: Buzzfeed published a scathing report detailing an initiative by outdoor advertising giant Titan to install bluetooth beacons in hundreds of phone booths across New York City. But the report does more to underscore the shortcomings of the local technology industry in explaining the new technology than to expose a new, meaningful threat to consumer privacy.

Uber Hires Former Lyft COO VanderZanden to Spur International Growth (Recode)
Uber has hired recently departed Lyft COO Travis VanderZanden to head a new unit that will focus on international growth. At Lyft, VanderZanden developed a system where Lyft does not have to set up local operations in new markets.

Former Apple Maps Head Launches Curbside, An App for In-Store Pickup (Street Fight)
Curbside, a new company founded by the former head of Apple’s geo team, Jaron Waldman, launched a mobile commerce app yesterday in San Francisco that allows users to find products that are in stock at multiple stores in their area, purchase them with their mobile device and then pick them up at the location without ever getting out of their car.

Businesses Turn to Airbnb (New York Times)
Companies large and small, increasingly focused on budgets, are starting to look beyond hotels to apartments and houses. Although Airbnb declined to give the number of business travelers using the service, at least 55 companies are using the site to plan business trips.

Will Apple’s “Location Warnings” Be Educational Or Scary? (MarketingLand)
Greg Sterling: When iOS 8 users start to see the Apple notification that such-and-such app is using location in the background, I would predict that many will shut down location — just as I reacted. However offering a “while using” option could mitigate this reflexive reaction.

Square’s Massive New Funding Isn’t Good News For The Company (Verge)
On the surface Square’s new eye-popping rounds sounds like good news. But the truth is that the details of Square’s round seem to confirm ongoing reports that the company’s growth is slowing, profits are lacking, and investors are increasingly reluctant to bet on its future.

Who Will Step Up and Disrupt the Real Estate Industry? (Entrepreneur)
Just as Uber is changing the taxi industry, and web-based companies such as Airbnb are disrupting the hotel industry, the real estate industry is another industry that’s vulnerable to information-driven disruption. It is very likely that the real estate industry will be one of the next industries to be hit by the changing tide of the digital age.

Ultrawideband Returns From the Grave! This Time as a Location Play (GigaOm)
Zombie technology UWB returns from the dead in a slightly modified format to offer incredibly granular location within a few inches for the internet of things. The company claims that UWB can offer location data that is accurate to within 10 centimeters to about 30 centimeters.

Foundation: Foursquare’s Product Future (TechCrunch)
In our latest Foundation interview, we sat down with Dennis Crowley at Foursquare’s New York headquarters. We explored the direction consumer reviews are taking, and Foursquare’s focus on refining personalized local search.

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