LBMA Podcast: YP’s Mobile Labs and Second Canvas

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. Top stories of the week include Digby and Phunware, YP’s Mobile Labs, Amazon & Twitter, Uber & Google Maps, RoadID, PareUp & excess food, Selfridge’s Fragrance Lab, Rivada’s nascent mesh network, Second Canvas & Nivea’s SUN ads.

Episode 181

Recorded: May 9, 2014
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Show Notes:

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Resource of the week: Local Searches Lead 50% of Mobile Users to Visit Stores (43:20)

Top stories of the week

(starts at 3:45)

1. Phunware acquires Digby Mobile
2. YP – launches YP Mobile Labs
3. Amazon launches hashtag purchases on Twitter
4. Uber integration to Google maps
5. RoadID App
6. PareUp – linking restaurants’ excess food to buyers
7. Selfridge’s – The Fragrance Lab
8. Rivada gets patent on peer-to-peer location services
9. Second Canvas Museo Del Prado
10. Nivea SUN ad – Veja magazine Brazil

1. How location plays into social commerce (Twitter + Amazon) (25:10)
2. PareUp and excess inventory (31:45)
3. The print to mobile to location movement (Nivea) (36:33)