Street Fight Daily: Intuit Acquires Scheduling Software, Facebook’s Mobile Tipping Point

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology

Intuit_Profile_ImageNo More No Shows: Intuit Acquires Online Appointment Scheduler Full Slate (VentureBeat)
Intuit is acquiring FullSlate, an online scheduling company that allows clients to offer their customers the ability to make appointments directly to web sites and Facebook pages. The service will become part of Intuit demandforce, a marketing platform for small businesses. Demandforce has tools for communications, to help clients keep in touch with their customers through email and SMS messaging.

Hyperlocals and Scale: How a ‘No-No’ Can Be Turned Into a Win-Win (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: “Local doesn’t scale” is the mantra of many independent community news sites. Based on the recent wrenching experiences of some major corporate hyperlocal networks, that may be the case on some level. But what about the view from other end of the telescope — of advertisers everywhere seeking to target consumers down to the neighborhood level?

Facebook’s Mobile Tipping Point: 48% Of Daily Users Are Now Mobile-Only (TechCrunch)
CEO Mark Zuckerberg today noted during the company’s earnings call that 48 percent of users on a given day are only accessing it from mobile. That comes as nearly half — 49 percent — of the company’s advertising revenues, its key revenue driver, now come from mobile ads. That means nearly $890 million in Q3 was made from Facebook’s different mobile advertising units such as app install ads and engagement ads.

How Hyperlocal Publishers Can Strengthen Relationships With Advertisers (Street Fight)
One of the key takeaways from the Street Fight Summit in New York was that the future of local lies in partnerships. Forging relationships with local businesses is absolutely necessary for any hyperlocal publisher hoping for long-term success. The question that remains is how, exactly, publishers should go about strengthening the relationships they’ve built with small business advertisers and other organizations in their communities.

Why The $110 Billion Gift Card Industry Must Die (ReadWrite)
Josh Breinlinger: I am constantly fascinated by the gift card industry. It’s a case study in behavioral economics. Every year, U.S. residents turn $110B of cash into a far-less liquid asset and pay a few percentage points in extra fees. This is all for the privilege of giving a “gift” to someone who now has reduced option value and must exert effort to redeem the alleged “gift.”

The Five Technologies That Will Converge To Predict The Future (Wired)
A world of converging technologies will be able to predict what we want next, Robert Scoble and Shel Israel told the audience at Web Summit. Scoble and Israel are the authors behind the Age of Context, a new book that identifies those converging technologies (there are five) and outlines how they will interact to change our lives. There are five key technologies outlined in the book that the pair began to identify 18 months ago. Mobile (including wearables), big data, location-based technologies, sensors and social networks.

Bing Ads Express Available To Agencies, Resellers (SearchEngineLand)
As of this week, agencies and resellers can begin offering access to the Bing Ads Express beta to their clients. Launched in early October, Bing Ads Express is an automated platform for small businesses to have a basic presence on Bing Ads. Ads are tied to Bing Places for Business listings, and companies without websites can opt to link the ad to their Facebook page.

Job Listing Hints Apple Is Working On Adding Public Transit Directions To Maps (TheNextWeb)
It seems inconceivable to some, but Apple’s mapping software doesn’t currently offer public transit directions like rival products such as Google Maps do. However, this could be about to change if a job listing on Apple’s website looking for a developer to join the Public Transit team is anything to go by.

LivingSocial Says Anti-Semitic Party Decor Was ‘Not A Smart Choice’ (HuffingtonPost)
The flash sale site LivingSocial threw a 7 Deadly Sins-themed Halloween party last weekend, and the party’s “greed” room featured gold and silver decorations… and dreidels, the spinning tops that are popular during Chanukah. Kevin Nolan from LivingSocial’s publicity department admitted that there were, in fact, dreidels in the “greed” room and apologized, the Washington Jewish Week reports.

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