Upcoming Webinar Puts Spotlight on SMB Adoption of Mobile

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mobile-phone-map-searchIt’s no secret that SMBs lag behind all marketers in digital adoption. But the mobile chasm between consumers and these businesses is staggering: 10% of media consumption is spent on mobile; while just 1% of marketers’ budgets are dedicated to that platform.

SMBs are not entirely sitting on the sidelines, however. The Location-Based Marketing Association reports that 12% of them have run location-based campaigns in the last year and that figure is expected to grow. A Fox Business survey found that 66% of business owners do use mobile channels to communicate with customers. And almost all SMBs will say they leverage social media to some degree.

The goal is not just usage but effectiveness. Asif Khan, president of the LBMA, will present the state of mobile adoption and provide insights and strategies for helping SMBs achieve better results on the platform in the upcoming webinar, “Mobile Optimization Trends Among Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses.” The webinar will take place Tuesday, May 21st at 1p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT and is open to all attendees.

Takeaways will include:

• Creating a framework for thinking about the mobile channel to reach customers
• Hands-on tips and strategies for getting started and further maximizing more sophisticated strategies
• Insights into the dynamic of the SMB-vendor relationship that works

Khan will be joined by David Williams, vice president of marketing, demand generation at YP, who will give the vendor perspective on working with SMBs.

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