Street Fight Daily: Radius Scores $12.4M, Retailer Spend on Mobile Doubles

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

radius11Local Business Sales Intelligence Platform Radius Raises $12.4M From American Express And Others (TechCrunch)
Radius (formerly Fwix), a startup that gives sales people the tools and data they need to scout local businesses, is announcing $12.4 million in new funding from American Express with Comcast Ventures. Radius has created a comprehensive index of information of over 20 million SMBs for marketers in industries such as business insurance, payment services, banking, credit cards, telecoms and more by pulling data from across the web (including social – Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, Facebook – and location-based content).

The Big Implications for Local in Facebook’s New Graph Search (Street Fight)
Damian Rollison: Given that Facebook is using multiple individualized cues to return search results that are customized for you, traditional SEO — already threatened by Google’s moves toward personalization — will be close to meaningless in the new context of Graph Search.

Retailers to Ring Up Sales Via Mobile (The Wall Street Journal)
Annual global spending by retailers on mobile marketing is expected to hit $55 billion by 2015, almost double the $28 billion forecast to be spent this year, according to a new Juniper Research report. The report also found that mobile devices were driving retail footfall through coupons, with couponing apps becoming an increasingly popular tool of distribution and coupon storage.

Under a Bushel in Bay Area, a Model for Hyperlocal (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: Redoubtable hyperlocal editor Tracy Record, who told Tom Grubisich about, described it in her inimitable way: “When I stumbled onto it recently, it made me cry. It is so much like what we do, down to the community’s comments and involvement.” To find out more about the site, he posed a variety of questions to its founder, editor, and publisher

Indoor Venues Are The Next Frontier For Location-Based Services (Forbes)
Forrester Research: As important as location is, its dependence on satellite-based positioning systems prevents it from playing a significant role indoors — where we spend up to 90% of our lives. Indoor positioning technologies are rapidly changing this situation by enabling users, venue owners, and app developers to determine a person’s (or object’s) position inside buildings.

How Google Glass Could Change Advertising (Mashable)
“Stop thinking of [augmented reality] as a business. It’s a browser,” says John Havens, founder of the H(app)athon Project. “If this was 1992 and I told you there was something called a web browser that was going to change advertising, would you believe me? Yet that’s what happened.”

National Car Rental Gets Local with Foursquare (DigiDay)
The car rental brand is using Foursquare to give city guides to its customers. With the help if its agency 360i, National Car Rental enlisted eight digital influencers in major business travel markets to curate check-in lists of things to see and do in the cities they each represented to help National customers navigate unfamiliar cities.

ParkMe Raises Funding From Angeleno Group, Releases New Version Of Its Real-Time Parking App (TechCrunch)
After expanding to more than 500 markets over the past several months, ParkMe is announcing today that it has raised an undisclosed amount of funding. The startup leverages information from municipal parking meters and private and public garages to help users search for and find nearby parking, both by availability and by price.

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