Street Fight Daily: Cash Crunch at LivingSocial, Startups Tackle Local

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

LivingSocial May Be Running Dangerously Low on Cash and Time. Will Amazon Come to the Rescue? (Pando Daily)
LivingSocial may be running far shorter on time and cash than many people realize — particularly concerning the merchants it owes money to, according to informed sources familiar with the situation. Our sources tell us LivingSocial has less than $50 million in cash left and is making the rounds, trying to raise more money right now.

Startups Tackle the Local Neighborhood as the Next Frontier  (GigaOm)
Looking for the latest trend in location-based startups? Companies are increasingly looking to the intersection of location and community with the neighborhood, an ideal place to target people for providing information and news, but also a possible target for specific advertising.

Google Updates iPad App to Make Search More Local (Mashable)
Google said on Tuesday that iPad users in the U.S. will be treated to a new interactive experience when they search for restaurants, bars or other locales. The search engine giant has added a horizontal “carousel” to its iPad platform of local results at the top of the search page.

NY Community Papers Struggle Post-Sandy (Columbia Journalism Review)
Local newspapers in all the areas worst affected by Sandy, from the Rockaways, to Red Hook, Brooklyn, and lower Manhattan, suddenly find themselves facing the possibly lethal combination of drastic shortages in staff, equipment, and advertising revenue, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs. The advertising crunch will persist until local businesses decimated by the storm can recover.

Digital First Expands Its Social Media Wire (NetNewsCheck)
The real-time local and topical social media, news and video feed delivers relevant content from the social Web that matches a site’s original content. Digital First Media’s Social Media Wire is the first widespread deployment of Crowdynews’ Breaking Burner product which allows automated collection and display of community-specific content from a variety of social media sources.

Streetline Partners With Cisco To Bring Real-Time Parking Info To Cities (TechCrunch)
Streetline, is getting a big boost for its real-time parking data through a partnership with Cisco that could help get its parking sensors deployed in more cities around the country. Streetline’s system for parking info works by combining sensors that are installed next to parking spaces with a mobile app to provide true, real-time availability of parking throughout a city.

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