Street Fight Daily: DMN Buys Pegasus News, Zaarly Launches ‘Anywhere’

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

The Dallas Morning News Buys Hyperlocal Online News Provider Pegasus News (Dallas News)
The Dallas Morning News said on Monday that it has acquired Pegasus News, a hyperlocal, online news and information provider for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In a release, Rich Alfano, general manager of The News’ arts and entertainment business, said Pegasus News’ provides information on about 225,000 places, 5,000 events, 4,200 restaurants, and 2,500 bands.

When DIY Plans Meet Reality: Zaarly Unveils “Anywhere” API (GigaOm)
With startup Zaarly’s new “Zaarly Anywhere” API, available Tuesday and already in use on several sites, users who find a photo of a cake they want for a child’s birthday or an article about a home improvement project can post the inspirational article or photo directly from the third-party site to Zaarly. The site then connects with a local chef or handyman who can turn the inspirational photo into an actual product for purchase.

LivingSocial CEO: Why We’re No Groupon (CNBC)
In order to compete with larger rivals like Groupon, O’Shaughnessy wants LivingSocial to offer services that Groupon can’t compete with — unique experiences that can’t be replicated. The company has been investing in creating unique experiences that aren’t discounted “deals” — they’re packages, like concerts (the company just signed a deal with AEG), or tickets to sporting events packaged with a car service or other extras.

Journatic Problems Are Like Lead Paint That Taint Journalism But Won’t Stop Progress (Poynter)
Outsourcing, content farming, Mechanical Turk-like records/data processing — these things are going to increase and find their place within journalism at news organizations large and small. Journatic’s approach — and the change it represents — is not going away.

Why Marissa Mayer May Not Be a Good Fit for Yahoo (GigaOm)
Matthew Ingram: Much of the response to Mayer’s appointment in the technology blogosphere has had an almost reverential tone, which isn’t surprising, given her track record at Google (where she was employee No. 20). But regardless of her experiences at Google, Mayer faces an enormous set of challenges, and despite her impressive resume it’s not clear she has the skills Yahoo requires if it is going to recover.

Checkmark Brings Better Geofenced Reminders To iPhone, Mac Version In The Works (TechCrunch)
Checkmark lets you configure location-based reminders, meaning it can remind you to pick up milk when you’re at the grocery storeOr, or to call your spouse when you leave the office. Checkmark is both a more advanced version of Apple’s Reminders, while also somehow managing to be easier to use.

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