Street Fight Daily: Baristanet Founder Departs, ‘Showrooming’

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

Departure of Baristanet Founder Doesn’t Portend Changes, Says Editor (Poynter)
In the past several months, Editor Liz George said she and Founder Debbie Galant spent most of their time managing the business and handling editorial issues, with some writing interspersed. She said it wasn’t a full-time job for either of them, though of course it will be harder with Galant gone and contributors away on summer vacations.

Is the Future of Retail Showrooming? (GigaOm)
According to a report released by Paris-based consulting firm Capgemini, which was based on interviews with 16,000 consumers from 16 countries, 51 percent of respondents said that, in the next eight years, they expect retail locations to be showrooms for selecting and ordering products. In developing markets, the study said the percentages were higher but that at least one third of the respondents in more developed markets agreed with the assessment.

Let’s Explode the Myth that Data Journalism is ‘Resource Intensive’ (Online Journalism Blog)
As Charles Arthur said on this blog previously: if you find yourself doing something over and over, get a computer to do it. Data journalism is just a technique – and if your heart’s in the right place – it can be used to make time for the deeper stuff.

How to Leverage Location Data for Better Mobile Ads (Mashable)
Geo-fencing depends on the notion that targeting a mobile user with an ad based on location alone will somehow change their behavior and prompt them to take advantage of a deal or promotion to make the purchase on the spot. A better approach is to target users with relevant ads and reach them when they are planning their purchases.

Newspapers Set to Lose Out to Pureplays Online (Monday Note)
Frédéric Filloux: Traditional newspapers that move online are about to lose the war against pure players and aggregators. Armed with the conviction their intellectual superiority makes them immune to digital modernity, newspapers neglected today’s internet driving forces: relying on technology to build audiences and the ability to coalesce a community over any range of subjects — even the most mundane ones.

PadMapper Gets Craigslist Postings Again, Without Craigslist’s Help (TechCrunch)
Late last month, Craigslist dealt a big blow to apartment search website PadMapper, sending creator Eric DeMenthon a cease-and-desist letter demanding that he take down any Craigslist postings on his site. Now DeMenthon has found a way to bring Craigslist back to PadMapper, though not in the way he would have liked.

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