Street Fight Daily: LivingSocial IPO, Apple’s Plans for Payments

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

LivingSocial Gets Ready for Nasdaq (The Sunday Telegram)
“The company line is there are no plans for the foreseeable future,” Peter Briffett, the company’s UK Head, told The Sunday Telegraph. “However, that [an IPO] is the likely next stage of our development, the next stage of our growth is likely to happen next year.”

Inside Apple’s Go-Slow Approach to Mobile Payments (WSJ)
Passbook, which Apple will release this fall, drew attention for what it doesn’t do: It can’t link directly to credit or debit cards, so consumers can’t use it to replace their wallets. Holding back in mobile payments was a deliberate strategy, the result of deep discussion last year.

Geolocation Will Be Game-changer for the 2012 Political Elections (Mobile Marketer)
The 2008 political elections were all about SMS and social media, but with the rise of location-based technology, this election season could shake up the way that candidates connect with voters via targeted advertising.  Although some politicians are already active in the space, others could benefit from using localized advertising to their advantage.

For Some Businesses, Daily Deals Have A Dark Side (NPR)
Groupon and Living Social have sold tens of millions of daily deals and are now a major force in retail. But they rely heavily on getting businesses to offer their goods and services at deep discounts. In exchange, businesses hope for payoff in the form of return customers.

The Fissures Are Growing for Papers (NYT)
Between operational fiascos and flailing attempts to slash costs on the fly, it’s clear that the print newspaper business, which has been fretting over a looming crisis for the last 15 years, is struggling to stay afloat. There are smart people trying to innovate, and tons of great journalism is published daily, but the financial distress is more visible by the week.

Citizen Journalism Site Blottr Released (The Next Web)
Blottr, the citizen journalism or ‘people powered’ news service, is increasing the ways in which its participants can report to the site with the release of its new Android app. The app is free and it provides a way to capture the events so that eye-witnesses can create news stories with their mobile devices on the Blottr website from anywhere in the world.

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