Street Fight Daily: Google Now, ‘Times’ Debriefs on Hyperlocal

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

Google Now’s Personalized Search With Automated Results: Creepy or the Future Of Search? (Fast Company)
At its Google I/O developer conference, Google unveiled its latest innovation in the search space: Google Now. The service learns from your location, search, and calendar history to deliver suggested results on everything from nearby restaurants to upcoming flights.

Five Things The New York Times Leaned From Its Three-Year Hyperlocal Experiment (Nieman Journalism Lab)
Jim Schachter: “What we have been trying to figure out at the Times — and I think what lots of people in this space have been trying to fiure out — is how do you prompt communities, and can you prompt communities into the act of covering themselves in a meaningful way?”

Project Glass Is the Future of Google (TechCrunch)
Peter Ha: Whether it was by design or not, Project Glass is the future of Google. Not as a product that will make them billions of dollars but what it means for Google as a company and its future.

Patch Local Editor Is Having Fun (Romenesko)
Local Editor at Patch: “I’ve found the job to be, at times, cushier than my previous newsroom job at a paper. The compensation is better, benefits better and the job is flat-out more fun, so sometimes I don’t mind if my day runs a bit longer.”

This Man Thinks He’s Spotted the Crucial Weakness in Google’s Mobile Ad Strategy (SAI)
Here’s Google’s big strategic problem in mobile advertising, according to Zephrin Lasker, CEO of Pontiflex, the mobile lead generation company: The search giant is treating the mobile ad market the same way it tackled the search and display ad market, and that’s a fundamental error.

Location-Based Shopping App Shopkick Partners With MasterCard on Rewards Program (TechCrunch)
Mobile shopping app shopkick is announcing a partnership with MasterCard today which will allow cardholders to earn “kicks” (shopkicks’ in-app rewards) by linking their card with shopkick’s Buy & Collect program and making qualifying purchases.

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