Street Fight Daily: More Recommendations, Square Cloned

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

Former Microsoft Dealmaker Fritz Lanman Launches Livestar Recommendations App (All Things D)
Livestar is one of those companies that makes an app that’s ever so subtly different from something lots of other people are trying to do. It’s a personalized recommendations iPhone app for all sort of things — seeded with expert content and reviews from everywhere else, so it doesn’t feel empty at first.

Rocket Swipes ‘Double Digit Millions’ for Square Clone (GigaOm)
PayLeven (previously known as Zenpay) is a straight-up copy of Square: a matchbox-sized dongle that fits into the top of an iPhone or iPad and can let people make payments by reading the magnetic stripe on cards.This won’t just be a warning shot to Square … but also to iZettle, the Swedish competitor that is planning a European rollout very soon.

Daily Deal Dashboard Redeem & Get Launches Redemption Management Tool for Marketers (The Next Web)
We’ve gotten wind that the group deals dashboard for businesses has launched Deal Manager Pro aimed at helping online marketeers leverage daily deals by managing special offers for local merchants. Described as ‘Google AdWords certification for daily deals’, its latest service was launched at the F.ounders conference at the Nasdaq in New York’s Times Square last week.

Apps That Present Highlights of the World in Front of You (NYT)
Augmented reality covers the many ways of adding digital information to the real world around you, usually by adding on-screen flags to the video feed from a smartphone’s camera. It’s clever and very futuristic, but you can still try it out now easily.

Let’s Blow Up the News Story and Build New Forms of Journalism (Poynter)
Bill Adair: It’s time to rethink the unit of journalism. If we want to re-imagine how we tell stories, we need to consider alternatives to the traditional inverted pyramid story. So let’s tear it up. Let’s reinvent how we tell stories and create some new forms.

Google Launches Coordinate: A New Service For Managing Mobile Workforces (TechCrunch)
Now, Google is trying to enter this market with Google Maps Coordinate, a service that mashes up Google’s mapping and geolocation services and APIs with a dispatch system for mobile workforces that’s available both on the Web and on Android phones and tablets. Coordinate allows businesses to dispatch and track their mobile employees.

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