6 Email Optimizers for Improving Daily Deal Open Rates

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Getting a consumer to enter their email address and subscribe to a daily deal newsletter is the easy part. Getting them to actually open and interact with an offer is another story. With the average Internet user receiving at least three daily or weekly shopping newsletters — and roughly 60% of adults subscribing to more emails now than last year — it’s become increasingly difficult for daily deal publishers to cut through the clutter and get their offers noticed.

In an effort to boost the open and purchase rates on their marketing messages, a number of deal providers have turned to technology companies offering email optimization platforms for help. These highly specialized email optimizers provide services that marketers can use to make their e-newsletters as effective as possible, and many can be used congruently to close the purchase loop and encourage consumers to buy more daily deals.

Here are six email optimization platforms that daily deal companies can use to improve their email marketing efforts.

1. AdStack
Email publishers and e-commerce websites looking to earn more revenue from their email marketing efforts can use AdStack to actually change the content of their emails after they have been sent. AdStack’s LiveOptimizer tool works in real-time to optimize email images and landing pages as a way to improve click and conversion rates. AdStack works with publishers like Bloomspot, Martini Media, and GamerNook, and offers pricing plans that range from free to $99 per month.

2. Sailthru
Sailthru is a platform that publishers and e-commerce companies can use deliver tailored messages to their loyal customers. By analyzing consumer behavior and generating data based on those results, Sailthru helps publishers create behaviorally targeted messages that their customers will actually want to read. Sailthru works with a number of daily deal publishers, including Thrillist, Group Commerce, and Tippr. The company charges clients based on volume, along with a flat monthly fee for accessing the platform.

3. Rapleaf
Publishers that are looking to find out more about the customers on their email subscription lists can use Rapleaf to easily get the age, gender, location, income, and marital status of their most devoted fans. With this information in hand, publishers can create segmented subscriber lists and customize the offers they send based on the intended audience. Rapleaf works with clients like eBay, DealGooder, and SkyMall. The company charges $0.01 per data segment, per matched email, with prices maxing out at $0.03 for each email address on a company’s subscriber list.

4. Return Path
Return Path is a platform that marketers and publishers can use to ensure their e-newsletters are getting to the right place. The email deliverability-monitoring tool prevents spoofing and phishing attacks, and helps publishers ensure their marketing emails don’t ending up in their clients’ spam folders. Return Path clients include Groupon, Flixster, and Dillard’s. Pricing for the platform’s email certification program is based on the monthly email volume, ranging from $440 to $82,500 per year.

5. LeadSpend
LeadSpend is a tool that publishers can integrate into their registration forms to decrease their email bounce rates and improve the ROI of their marketing campaigns. LeadSpend verifies each email address submitted by new subscribers, and automatically removes invalid addresses from a publisher’s database. This reduces bounce backs and improves a marketer’s reputation with ISPs. LeadSpend has worked with companies like InboxDollars, TeamBuy, and LifeScript. It charges clients between $0.01 and $0.005 per email address.

6. Optizmo
Even the best daily deal providers have to deal with opt-out requests from time to time. Optizmo is a suppression list management tool that publishers can use to make sure their customers’ opt-out requests are securely tracked and honored across all mailings, regardless of the department or the third-party advertiser. Optizmo clients include Hotwire, Date.com, and Match.com. The company offers a number of packages, ranging in price from $100 to $500 per month.

Know of other platforms that daily deal companies can use to improve their email marketing efforts? Leave a description in the comments.


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Stephanie Miles is a journalist who covers personal finance, technology, and real estate. As Street Fight’s senior editor, she is particularly interested in how local merchants and national brands are utilizing hyperlocal technology to reach consumers. She has written for FHM, the Daily News, Working World, Gawker, Cityfile, and Recessionwire.