Tracking and Analyzing Key Data in the Merchant Offer Redemption Loop

Employing a process that leverages the right tools at key points in the offer redemption loop is the key to getting a complete picture of offer program effectiveness. The foundation for this process includes data collection at the point of offer redemption and throughout the life of the customer-merchant relationship. Merchants and marketers can integrate this data into their existing reporting to understand customer lifetime value…

Identifying the Most Important ROI Metrics in the Redemption Loop

If daily deals and offers are to establish long-term relationships with merchants and marketers, they can deliver the best ROI by identifying those metrics that will deliver not just immediate results, but more importantly, lasting customer relationships. The first step is to weed out the metrics that include “serial bargain hunters.”

How to Improve the Value and Effectiveness of Online Offers

Poor trackability hurts everyone. The solution is an easy way to determine a new or returning user’s life cycle profitability and their average transaction volume, helping merchants make much smarter decisions about adjusting and targeting offers—and tracking ROI. Our whitepaper outlines the growing significance of offer effectiveness by detailing how to accomplish it and why it works.