Street Fight Daily: MasterCard Deals, Mobile Ads Take Off

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

MasterCard Jumps Into Deals Space (BIA/Kelsey)
American Express is all over the deals and promotions space, with its “Link Like Love” campaign on Facebook; Twitter offers; and geo-based deals on Foursquare. Now MasterCard has announced its own, initial deals initiative: “MasterCard Offers Services,” a daily deals and promotions distribution effort for its bank members.

2012: The Year Mobile Advertising Starts to Pay Off (GigaOm)
Phil Hendrix: While it may seem that serious spending on mobile advertising is always a year away, the dollars should finally start flowing in 2012. What’s different about 2012? Well, besides the fact that the U.S. has reached the crossover point in smartphone adoption, the buzz phrase that will drive mobile ad spending is “hyperlocal mobile.”

A Faint Gloom Cloud Hovers Over The Daily Deal Summit (BetaBeat)
Panel titles like “State of the Union: Industry Interrupted” and “Too Fast, Too Furious?” betrayed concern about the industry’s future that aren’t exactly unfounded. At one point, a poll of the audience revealed a substantial number had unsubscribed from at least one daily deal email list. A tiny few even admitted to unsubscribing from their own company’s.

For Struggling Local Publishers, Weekly Is the New Daily, iPad the New Fishwrap (PaidContent)
Some UK newspaper publishers are now hastening the reform of their local titles challenged by digital consumption migration, the drying up of classified ads and rising print costs, a confluence of strategies suggests.

Whither Groupon? A Wall Street Analyst Breaks It Down (BetaBeat)
Groupon is following a well-trod path from hype to disillusionment. That’s a rough period for investors and entrepreneurs, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the stock is doomed forever. Stifel Nicolaus managing director Jordan Rohan said it’s typical for companies to lose around 80 percent of their value in this bleak adjustment period.

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