Street Fight Daily: Pandora’s Local Push, Foursquare’s Future

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce and technology.

Pandora Courts Local Advertisers, by Offering Well-Defined Listeners (New York Times)
Pandora’s pitch to advertisers is that its technology can cater to consumers with far greater precision than radio — it can pinpoint listeners by age and sex, ZIP code or even musical taste — and that as it grows, Pandora will effectively be the top station in many cities.

Facebook Buys Customer Loyalty App Tagtile, Continues Focus on Mobile (GigaOm)
Tagtile offers a customer loyalty system for merchants built around a small, free box equipped with a sensor that allows consumers who have downloaded the Tagtile app to tap it with their phones. Users are able to receive loyalty points, offers and rewards from the merchant and easily share about the business on Facebook or Twitter from their phone.

Foursquare May Not Be Toast Yet, But It’s Browning At The Edges (Business Insider)
Nicholas Carlson: The biggest problem for Foursquare is that, compared with other mobile social networking products, not that many people seem to use it. On its about page, Foursquare says it has 15 million registered users. By comparison, Instagram has 35 million users.

The Other Sinister Plot At Groupon (TechCrunch)
Surya Yalamanchili: The innate herd mentality combined with the echo chamber that is Silicon Valley can be a doozy. But after reading this, maybe a few of might think that Groupon has actually, maybe, done one or two things right in their lifetime. You might even think that they, in fact, have some chance at pulling off a veritable moon landing of becoming the plumbing of local commerce.

Urbantag Is Like Pinterest for Real-World Places (GigaOm)
The app allows you to curate and build lists of your favorite places, and then share them with friends, either online or on your iPhone. They can then create their own lists or provide input to your own, giving recommendations for where to go or where not to go.

The New Grabio Lets You Grab Classified Deals On The Go (TechCrunch)
Grabio has been around for about a year but they’ve recently updated the app and added a number of features. What does it do? Essentially it’s a mobile Craigslist with notifications and location-based searches for classified listings. You can enter any neighborhood, do a quick search, and pick up a broken girls bicycle seat or a gently used full body cast for a few bucks.

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