Localeze, Locationary Partner to Streamline Enhanced Search

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Localeze, a leader in business listings identity management business, and Locationary, a company dedicated to “managing the world’s local data,” are partnering to help “streamline  the sharing of Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) data and enhanced business information for local search engines and businesses.”

According to Localeze president Jeff Beard, his company will utilize Locationary’s Saturn platform and offer it as a local data solution for their clients. “It is a natural extension of what we’re doing in the marketplace,” he said during a phone interview on Monday afternoon.

“We’re excited to be working with Localeze to bring Saturn to their huge list of leading publishers and platforms,” Grant Ritchie, CEO of Locationary, said in a release. “Enabling our mutual customers to leverage and share Localeze’s trusted data will push the market toward real-time local business information.”

According to Beard, the move makes sense for both players involved: “When we sat down and shared vision, there was a lot of synergy. They remind me a lot of the things we were doing four or five years ago when we were starting out. I think they have a similar passion and commitment in solving some of the problems in the marketplace around data management opportunities.”

The two companies are starting their partnership out small, but it could grow larger in the future. “I think if we have a lot of success with the business, it’s a no-brainer from our perspective that we should continue to grow our partnership,” Beard said.

Noah Davis is a senior editor at Street Fight.

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