What’s Apple’s Mapping Shopping Spree Really About?

Moreso than the features, Apple’s post-Mapgate acquisitions are all about what’s behind the scenes in this age of big data. This goes back to what a lot of people don’t realize about Apple Maps: it’s is actually a pretty slick mapping tool. But what it has in dazzle, it lacks data; things like place listings, navigation and public transit…

Localeze, Locationary Partner to Streamline Enhanced Search

The two companies will join to help “streamline the sharing of Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) data and enhanced business information for local search engines and businesses.” According to Localeze president Jeff Beard, his company will utilize Locationary’s Saturn platform and offer it as a local data solution for their clients…

Local Data DJs Can Spin Their Own Around Locationary’s ‘Saturn’

Locationary is now unveiling Saturn, its shiny new beta product referred to as a “Federated Data Exchange Platform.” I queried Ritchie recently about what the system can do, and how location-based startups can use it. Things get a little wonky here, but bear with us — Ritchie’s new release might actually have something for everyone…

5 Questions for Grant Ritchie of Locationary

This is the tenth in a series of Q&As with leaders / up-and-comers in the local space.

Who he is: Grant Ritchie, CEO of Locationary

What he does: A serial entrepreneur, Ritchie is a lawyer and technologist whose day-to-day includes providing Locationary oversight, guidance and direction over operations and technology systems. Prior to Locationary, Grant was a commercial and technology lawyer at a large Toronto firm and was part of the founding team that built and launched several online businesses including Moola.com (a game network with over 430,000 registered members) and CanadianHotelGuide.com