Local Quotables: Rafer, Duggan, Pincus and more

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The best words about and around the hyperlocal industry.

Lumatic’s Scott Rafer wants to revolutionize mobile map-technology; Kris Duggan of Badgevile critiques Foursquare’s signature “mayor” status as driving away users; Pincus wants to bring “play” into the mainstream; and more:

Scott Rafer, Lumatic, February 13, 2012
SFGate: “Smart phones should let us do better than the traditional map.”

Alex Salkever, Cloud Computing, February 15, 2012
Street Fight: “Bottom line? The economics of a news outlet must be radically different, even at the national level and moreso at the hyperlocal level where the audience sizes are relatively modest in comparison.”

Kris Duggan, Badgeville, February 13, 2012
TechCrunch: “[Foursquare locations] have literally hundreds of people and only one mutually-exclusive point of recognition, the Mayor. What happens to the other hundreds of people? Not only are they not engaged, but you [Foursquare] don’t take into consideration different types of users.”

Mark Pincus, Zynga, February 14, 2012
Mashable: “We really want to see ‘Play’ become a mainstream behavior in the West for everyone. We’d like to see Play reach the level of Search, Shop and Share.”

Nihal Mehta, LocalResponseFebruary 15, 2012
Street Fight: “We’re also an ad network, and we can allow marketers to respond. Everybody can do analytics, but who cares about analytics is you can’t actually respond?”

Jonathan Dyke, EDO Interactive, February 14, 2012
Portfolio: “One of the good things about the daily deal phenomenon was that it really got the small business to think about marketing… When Groupon and company came along, you had alternatives. It really woke up a lot of merchants to think about their options.”

Asif Khan, LBMA, February 15, 2012
Street Fight: “Consumers are becoming increasingly attached to their smartphones, and audio tagging capitalizes upon this attachment by offering new possibilities and opportunities when users connect their televisions to their smartphones.”