Street Fight Daily: 02.15.12

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Why News Companies Can’t Get On Top Of Digital Advertising (PaidContent)
Jeff Roberts: In the bigger picture, the news sites’ struggles to figure out the digital ad market may reflect a basic competitive disadvantage: unlike technology companies, they were not raised on digital advertising.

Survey: 69% Use Print YP in SF Bay Area (ScreenWerk)
Polling firm Market Authority has come out with some new data specific to the San Francisco Bay Area, which shows 69% of residents are “still” using print directories. The data also show 31% of respondents use the Internet exclusively to find local business information.

Leonsis: Groupon a ‘Much Bigger Idea’ Than a Directory or City Guide (BIA/Kelsey)
In a recent webinar, Ted Leonsis said the new opportunity in local is “where social, video and mobile intersect.” What surprises Leonsis, who currently serves as Groupon’s vice chair and a board member of AmEx, is that VCs and entrepreneurs are correctly focused on local opportunities, but traditional local media don’t seem to believe in their core local products.

Business Models for LBS Shift to Freemium and Advertising (Directions Magazine)
Report: Many actors in the mobile value chain show great interest in location targeted ads. Although location can be a very valuable targeting attribute for some brands and campaigns, many other attributes are available that can be more relevant. Moreover, several issues – such as user privacy and pricing of location data – need to be resolved before location-based ad campaigns can leave the trial stage and contribute significantly to overall revenues.

Nimble 2.0 Looks To Give SMBs A CRM Platform That Actually Does Social Right (TechCrunch)
To really nail social, businesses can’t just stack social functionality onto legacy CRM platforms, they have to build social into their infrastructure from the ground up. That’s what Nimble has been doing, smartly opting against going toe-to-toe with enterprise clouds like Salesforce, and instead targeting the CRM-underserved crowd of SMBs and startups.

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