Local Quotables: Erik Martin, Benjamin Berkowitz, Naveen Selvadurai and more…

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The best words about and around the hyperlocal industry.

This week in the hyperlocal industry, Trada’s Niel Robertson says that location is “only a technical constraint,” Goshi’s Jack Eisenberg talks about the potential of targeting specific tastes, SeeClickFix’s Ben Berkowitz notes, with tongue firmly in cheek, that toilet-paper ads are “good location based advertising!” Lance Ulanoff at Mashable dismisses Groupon’s potential to be truly hyperlocal and Suchaita Mulpuru at Forrester believes that many of the “customers” Groupon cites may include a substantial number of merchants. More:

Jack Eisenberg, Goshi, November 9, 2011
Street Fight: Using data from social networks about personal interests, and marrying that to location and push notifications, I can expect to see increasingly targeted forms of SMS and push advertising coming to mobile. Instead of users receiving a mass-spam text about something unrelated to personal habits, I’ll receive a timely notification about something specific to my tastes when it is right down the street.

Benjamin Berkowitz, SeeClickFix, November 7, 2011
Twitter: @BenBerkowitz: Amazing that words with friends serves u a toilet paper ad. Now that’s some good location based advertising!

Suchaita Mulpuru, Forrester, November 7, 2011
Huffington Post: There’s a big disconnect between the incrementality that all these companies, particularly prepaid voucher companies, are purporting to provide versus the reality of it […] A significant part of their [daily deals sites’] growth is coming from consumers who buy deals, but are also most likely to be consumers of those merchants anyway.

Niel Robertson, Trada, November 9, 2011
Street Fight: [Location] is not only a technical constraint, which we can enforce based on where Facebook targets, but a conceptual piece of information for our optimizers to work with […] As we build out the same scale of market on the Facebook side [as paid search], we can build out local campaigns, with local knowledge from local experts.

Naveen Selvadurai, Foursquare, November 7, 2011
Twitter: @Naveen: i love @quora‘s integration with foursquare to learn about your neighborhood’s history and @localmind‘s for local q&a http://bit.ly/sHd1Vq

Kevin Slavin, Zynga, November 8, 2011
Twitter: @Slavin_FPO: Dear Amazon Deals, two things I don’t want steep discounts on are 1) sushi and 2) lasers cutting into my eyes #LASIKtuesdays

Lance Ulanoff, Mashable, November 4, 2011
Mashable: This is one of Groupon’s fundamental flaws: It simply can’t know what you want, when you want it. Deals in your area are fine, but they assume that you might be interested in that Caribbean dinner or private fencing lessons. Sure, I’m all for serendipity. Perhaps I’d find that I love fencing and be glad that Groupon showed me the way.

Erik MartinRedditNovember 9, 2011
VentureBeat:  Also, it’s in our best interest for local businesses to realize that there are local subreddits for almost every city and large town in the country.


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