Street Fight Daily: 11.11.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Forget Check-In, New App Lets You Arrive (Mashable)
Arrived, which launched on Thursday, automatically checks you into locations based on your phone’s GPS data and tells friends that you’re there. The idea is to automatically notify friends when you’re in a place where it might make sense to connect in person.

Groupon’s Getting Personal … Announcing Deal Types and Places (Groupon Blog)
“With Deal Types and Places, we personalize the Groupon experience by making it easier than ever to discover the best deals (Types) in the spots you want them (Places), every day of the week. And for businesses, we’re helping you reach shoppers who are most likely to become lifelong customers.”

Thrillist’s Local ‘Rewards’ Business Seeing Strong Growth (Business Insider)
Thrillist began as a witty email city guide. Over the past year, a subset of its business, Thrillist Rewards, which finds local deals for members, has exploded. It’s become such an important part of Thrillist’s revenue stream that Thrillist Rewards is getting its own iPhone and Android app.

How SMBs Are Using the Web for Marketing (NetNewsCheck)
With 97% of U.S. online consumers relying on the Internet to shop locally, small businesses are working online and social media into their marketing strategies. A new infographic from Intuit shows how much the Web has become part of the strategy.

TaskRabbit Looks to Expand Cities and Offer an A.P.I. (New York Times/Bits)
TaskRabbit has grown dramatically since March, when the company received $5 million in financing. “The number of tasks we’re seeing have grown threefold since earlier this year,” said founder Leah Busque. “We’re now getting as much as $4 million in bids per month on tasks.”

Clingle Takes on Foursquare and Google Huddles With New iPhone App (VentureBeat)
Clingle is a new location-based social network that wants to enhance conversations as you check in to places throughout the day. The service allows people to leave multimedia messages (text, video or audio) for a specific user or group of users when they check in to different places, which can grow into full-length conversations.

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