Street Fight Daily: 10.05.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Apple is launching a new location-sharing feature called Find My Friends, that will allow users to easily share their location with other users. The details are still coming in but users will be able to share their location with friends and find out where their friends and family are in real-time. (GigaOm)

If enough people buy into Groupon’s IPO, it seems, they all may get a discount, writes Tom Johansmeyer. Of course, this isn’t the goal of the daily deal site, but it could be an unintended consequence. (Business Insider)

A new survey reveals that most mobile users think location-based coupons are convenient and useful, but the majority would prefer to receive a coupon on a mobile device via email. Almost half of Mobile Users also have privacy concerns when it comes to location-based coupons. (Press Release)

There are two simple ways for a company of any size to use Foursquare to boost business. One: Provide an incentive to the most loyal customers and, two: Provide customers with a discount for simply stopping by the store and checking in. (Europe Business Today)

A new study at Boston University examines how good a deal Groupon is for local merchants. For each Groupon deal associated with a Yelp rating, the researchers found a surge in reviews from new customers on Yelp following the deal. But reviewers mentioning the words “Groupon” and “coupon” give “strikingly lower rating scores.” (BU Today)

Chegg is entering the daily deal space with Chegg Deals, courtesy of white-label group buying platform company Group Commerce. The two companies have partnered to provide students nationwide discounts on everything from dorm room essentials to local restaurants, as well as textbooks and other educational resources. (TechCrunch)

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