Street Fight Daily: 09.26.11

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Margo Georgiadis is leaving her job as Groupon’s COO after just five months on the executive team to return to Google, her former employer, as President, Americas. The company has also filed an amended S-1, which includes revised revenue numbers based on a change in accounting. (TechCrunch)

One self-described “riled” Patch editor from the East Coast says that in addition to his or her normal job responsibilities, this editor has also been asked to start drumming up ad sales leads. (Business Insider)

The Batavian’s Howard Owens writes: “If what we’re hearing is true about the Patch workload, I can only ask: Why are you doing it? Patch editors should know that what they’re being asked to do on salary they could do for themselves far more successfully and with some chance of building a valuable business for themselves and their families.” (

Patch freelance budgets have also reportedly been “basically been slashed to the point of extinction. (Business Insider)

Daily deals services are proliferating, with more than 650 providers serving 26 million customers so far. This infographic shows you major players, the types of deals offered, who’s buying these deals, and gives insight into the quickly developing secondary deal marketplace. (Mashable)

Oakland Local founder Susan Mernit wonders why hyperlocal sites barely got mention among the Online News Association’s 2011 award winners: “As media changes, ONA needs to evolve as well. If this is an organization that only recognizes mainstream news, you’re missing out on an emerging and vibrant category — and diminishing your own relevance in the field.” (

Trulia’s founder and CEO Pete Flint remains focused on taking his real-estate search company public, despite one of its closest competitors beating him to it this summer. He says that Trulia’s biggest differentiation in the space is the amount of user-generated content it receives, including agent recommendations. (AllThingsD)

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