Goshi Goes Live

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Goshi mobile screenshotStreet Smart Moves: The best or biggest deal, assertion, investment or other strategy this week.

Who: Goshi

What: Trying to take a piece of Craigslist with a local marketplace app

This week saw the debut of Goshi (formerly MapDing), a hyperlocal mobile marketplace incubated by the Chicago-based Exelerate. As Rick Robinson noted this week, this isn’t the only player in the space. And, the “differentiators” don’t seem all that differentiating: Goshi transactions take place in public places, for instance, but what’s to prevent a Craigslist transaction from taking place in a coffee shop, too? What’s interesting is that startups are gunning hard for Craigslist turf. The time is right. CL hasn’t just been slow in the mobile space, but hasn’t done much innovation on its site, period.It nay have a large user base, but it shouldn’t be too hard for new brands to start peeling off slices.

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