Street Fight Daily: 07.28.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Google is trying to keep abreast with Groupon in the mobile e-commerce wars and Tuesday released an update to its Google Shopper for iPhone app that appears to be going straight after the daily deals service mobile location push, Groupon Now. (ReadWriteWeb)

When Groupon filed IPO documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission in June, its use of certain financial accounting metrics raised eyebrows. Now, regulators are prolonging the company’s pre-IPO review over concerns about the metrics, specifically “gross profit” and “consolidated segment operating income.” (PaidContent)

OpenTable, the online and mobile restaurant reservation system, is great for consumers — it lets them look at a bunch of different restaurants, see which one has the most convenient available reservation time, and book the reservation without ever picking up a phone. But some restaurant owners hate it. (Business Insider)

Mobile services company Urban Airship and location provider SimpleGeo have announced a new partnership that will help mobile developers access the strengths in both systems. The companies’ goal is to provide developers with the ability to send out geo-targeted, geo-fenced, personalized push notifications.  (ReadWriteWeb)

Daily deals fatigue setting in? Joe Hargraves of Tacolicious said that he has probably gotten 40 pitches over the last year from Grouponand other daily deals salespeople. He refuses them all. (Business Insider)

Krishna Prathab, the CEO and founder of GeoSocials, argues that his social/location/mobile startup isn’t just a SCVNGR clone. (Penn Olson)

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