Hyperlocal Ad Marketplace Local Yokel Media Launches

Digital media vet Dick O’Hare has announced the launch of Local Yokel Media, an ad network that claims to be the “first hyperlocal online ad marketplace specializing in monetizing hyperlocal ad impressions.” The company’s technology allows local and national advertisers to target online audiences via aggregated inventory on hyperlocal news and information sites.

O’Hare wrote a guest post for Street Fight in May outlining the different ways that adding geo-context to marketing campaigns via networks like his can more quickly move potential consumers “from awareness to consideration to purchase based on their need and the right local message.”

“We have seen a seismic shift in traditional local media over the past five years,” O’Hare was quoted as saying in the release. “Hyperlocal content, specifically, community-level content being produced both by individuals and institutions, has proliferated as local coverage by more traditional, offline local media organizations has waned. It is said that 80% of consumer spending happens within 20 miles of home. This presents a compelling ad targeting opportunity for local, regional and national brands looking to target extremely tight geographies. We have found this level of local contextual relevance drives ad performance.”

Scaled hyperlocal networks like AOL’s Patch, Gannett, Post Local, Main St. Connect, Datasphere, and others would seem to be ripe targets for LYM’s potential inventory, though there are certainly also countless niche sites across the county that would appreciate a hyperlocal-specific ad network. According to the release, LYM’s technology “aggregates hyperlocal websites (websites whose content address a specific community), local blogs and websites of community newspapers, organizes them by zip code and makes them easy to target.”

The company says it has already completed testing indicating that its hyperlocal ad targeting delivers better results than traditional online targeting, and it already has 60 local publishers on board. The company’s coverage area at launch includes New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

  1. HyLoMo
    July 18, 2011

    Interestingly the site says its only available in NJ, NY & CT. Does that mean that they are testing with publishers in these states or their tech currently works in these states.

    The latter would be pretty scary.

    Hope you can dig more and clarify the same.

  2. Jim
    July 19, 2011

    What is the cost to the business?

  3. July 19, 2011

    I have to say, this sounds both potentially awesome and potentially damaging.

    What it really comes down to is how they procure their inventory and what kind of price and controls publishers get.

    We run the Sacramento Local Online Ad Network (www.sacad.net) and have had some success over the last year. We handpick sites, work with publishers directly, provide over 50% of the ad revenue and allow each publisher to accept or reject every campaign. We also work only with regional advertisers but do allow each publisher to turn on lower CPM national offers if they wish.

    I think Local Yokel would be fantastic if it incorporated that method of working within this space. If, on the other hand, the model is built around RTB systems through massive ad exchanges of sites that are not authentically local the results for advertisers could damage the reputation of the space in delivering for our business partners.

    There is a trend to package useless and invaluable ad inventory from content farms and spam sites across the net. This is similar to the use of new financial instruments to make bad mortgages look like AAA investments. They might work to sell that cheap inventory to suckers for now, but this is likely to do long term damage to the industry.

    So I hope that Local Yokel is working directly with authentically local publishers and doing so with integrity.

  4. James Collins
    July 21, 2013

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