Street Fight Daily: 06.29.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

A few months after being named COO of the Huffington Post Media Group, Jon Brod’s responsibilities are being narrowed to focus on running AOL’s Patch network of hyperlocal sites. Brod co-founded Patch with Tim Armstrong and was CEO when it was acquired in 2009. (Paid Content)

Location-based service advertising will grow to over one-third of all mobile advertising in four years. By 2015, location-based advertising will be $6.2 billion, according to Pyramid Research. (MediaPost)

Groupon Inc.’s share of online daily deals slipped to 48 percent in May from 52 percent the previous month, as rivals including closed in on its lead in the growing market for discounts offered on the Web. (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

In Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada local news startups will soon find their regular local focus drawn to the quadrennial national carnival and to the new competition from the press pack following it. (Columbia Journalism Review)

“Is it too late in the game to call hyperlocal efforts a complete waste of time and resources?” asks Jack Shafer. “Even old-school mediums such as email, listservs, and texts often convey information more hyper than your average hyperlocal site.” (Slate)

“I understand the fact that Patch is not popular with the media,” says AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong. “I think [the Washington Post] and a lot of other companies have tried to do local or pulled back because it’s difficult to do. Opportunities are opportunities because it’s hard to figure out how to do them.” And that’s what Patch is doing, he concluded. (Washington Post)

“World of Fourcraft” uses Foursquare and Google Maps APIs to turn New York City into a giant game of Risk. Users decide which team they are on by swearing allegiance to one of New York City’s five boroughs. (Mashable)

“We’ve been focused so much on Deal a Day, that we sometimes forget that Deal a Day is just part of the mix when it comes to successful SMB promotions,” writes Peter Krasilovsky. Seth Gardenswartz of SpaBoom, stresses six “common elements of successful promotions.” (Local Onliner) on Monday announced an expansion of its strategic distribution agreement with AT&T Interactive. Per the deal, AT&T Interactive’s advertiser listings will be given premiere placement on search results pages. (MediaPost)

While Groupon Now isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last mobile app for the daily deals and group buying industry, it may represent a moment in time when reality showed us just how much we rely on mobile devices for the basics in everyday life. (Daily Deal Media)

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