Street Fight Daily: 06.07.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Groupon is joining two marketing-services and analytics firms to get deeper into the traditional grocery coupon business with a test today. In a first for Groupon, today’s deal in Massachusetts uses supermarket loyalty cards to conduct the transaction. (AdAge)

“Augmented reality” apps put a layer of locally relevant data on top of the scene around you.  But who owns the rights to ad space within augmented reality platforms? Currently there’s nothing keeping multiple brands from owning the same space. (Mashable)

So do we buy shares in Groupon? Peter Krasilovsky considerd its prospects from a non-investment angle, watching for answers to eight questions  that were not adequately addressed in the S1. (Local Onliner)

USC Annenberg has partnered with a local Spanish-language paper and a cadre of high school students to launch a bilingual hyperlocal site in East Los Angeles. (FishbowlLA)

A new startup called WifiSLAM has technology that enables devices to know their position inside a building to within a few steps, and it hopes this could lead to a second wave of indoor location-aware services. (MIT Technology Review)

Current online local shopping solutions are often proprietary technologies not easily available or affordable for small local businesses, or they consist of member directories, but lack online local ordering capabilities. A new company called SharedMall wants aims to help small businesses be found more easily by their local community and to automate their local orders and appointments. (Press Release), the homepage for The Boston Globe, has recently launched Boston Deals, which provides daily group-buying discounts for bargain lovers. “We determined based on that analysis that the market opportunity in Boston was well over a $50 million opportunity just based on the players in the space,” said the site’s advertising director, Mark Wallace. (eMedia Vitals)

Give the push for local online, big business needs to be looking — wide-eyed — at how it, too, can integrate into their geographic area, by investing in local businesses (by giving them business or by sponsoring fundraisers or backing entrepreneurs) and ultimately supporting the community writes Marian Salzman. (Huffington Post)

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