Street Fight Daily: 04.12.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Patch’s local news module widget is hardly a new idea, but it’s one that few local newspaper companies have made work, despite the economy of its potential costs and benefits. Will Patch leapfrog newspaper sites with this old-is-new innovation? (Newsonomics)

Twitter’s Local Trends feature has now expanded to 70 more places. This seems likely to foreshadow a future when advertisers will be able to purchase trending topics on a local level. (ReadWriteWeb)

Four unsolicited lessons that Groupon’s Andrew Mason should take from what Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg just did in China. (Forbes)

Location-discovery service Scoville wants to take the temperature of local destinations. Taking a page from the Scoville Scale, the startup wants to help you record, discover, and share hot or trending destinations. (TechCrunch)

Here are five top reader-recommended daily deals sites. It was specified that nominated sites should “provide some sort of special discount on a product or service in limited-time offer fashion (maybe not exactly one day, but close enough to it).” (Lifehacker)

Peekaboo Mobile, makers of an iPhone and Android app for finding nearby mobile coupons, has been acquired by local advertising provider nSphere for an undisclosed, seven-figure sum. (Mashable)

Groupon has hired a VC away from one of its investors, Greylock Partners. Associate David Thacker will join Groupon’s product management team in Palo Alto. (Business Insider)

Is the solution to journalism’s woes to focus on local news? Well, the problem with “hyperlocal” content is its limited appeal, and no one has really cracked the code for producing profitable local news online. (Guardian)

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