Examiner.com + Reuters = Enormous and Local

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Examiner.com, the ongoing success story being written by thousands of local contributors and led by “local” vet Rick Blair (profiled by Locl.ly here) has announced quite a deal: Soon they’ll be teaming with Thomson Reuters to share contributors’ “local insights and topical expertise across the country.”

In an email and on his blog, Blair wrote:

“As of today, Reuters and Examiner.com have entered into a partnership as part of the Reuters America platform solution—whereby Reuters and it’s subscribers will have access to Examiner.com’s vast media network of localized, consumer lifestyle content.

“This collaboration between one of the most respected news and analysis organizations and the most comprehensive local content media network of the new generation of ‘pro-am’ publishers, marks a unique pairing of traditional and new forms of reporting.”

This is part of a new Thomson Reuters plan (blogged Monday night) called Reuters America where the company will be targeting AP by putting a focus on state and regional news and “incorporate material from a variety of other sources, including The Wrap.com for entertainment news, SportsDirect Inc. and SB Nation for sports…” Essentially aggregating and repackaging other news sources and distributing.

This post originally appeared on Locl.ly.