Pew-Pew … Research Says Only 4% Use LBS

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According to new a Pew study those wickedly popular ‘geosocial’ services we love to foam about (Foursquare, Gowalla, FBook Places, etc.) are demonstrating reach exceeding grasp. Time to back off the “wickedly.”

According to the study by Pew Research, four percent of adults use LBS; one percent use these services on any given day. Party Pewpers.

Pew found that:

  • Seven percent of adults who browse the Internet on their phone use geosocial services.
  • Eight percent of adults 18-29 use them – the highest of any age group.
  • Ten percent of online hispanics are geosocial; just three percent of whites and five percent of blacks have used location-based services.

Survey method included 3,001 phoned  adults, 18 and older.

These numbers will likely spike – at least for FBook – following their announcement.

Full report is here.

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