CardStar Adds Auto Checkin, Store Locator

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We noticed an update recently to our rewards-and-membership-card-consolidator app called CardStar. Now in addition to storing all those cards on your mobile device, in one neat digital package (where you can hold your device up to the store’s scanner – yep, just take a pic of then ditch the paper or plastic cards) users of the free app can:

  • auto-checkin when visiting a favorite place;
  • use an integrated store locator and “merchant info browser;”
  • and, take advantage if an improved accuracy of geofencing around favorite places.

There ‘s a tool for merchants to participate by putting deals, coupons and incentives into the application.

Finally, if you have an iPad the company indicates that grocery store coupons will be kept in sync.

We just wish the scanning was more successful at the gym when using the app on iPhone – reflections from the glass are not friendly to some IR scanners.

Devices: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android

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