Placecast Cleans Up Location Data; Serves Up LocalBox

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Developers, OEMs and Carriers listen up: there’s another location-in-a-box solution in town aiming to do a bunch of cool things, particularly make it simpler for money to be made. You can thank Placecast later.

While we’ve not really tried it out (we played a bit at until they threw up a password) you can see the vision in the embedded video above.

One of the potentially unique things about LocalBox, a toolkit for anyone wanting to build location services “at scale,” is its ability to pull in multiple data streams from many sources in real time and clean / normalize the info so you can bid adieu to the dupes problem and issues around many names for the same place problem (so-called location data crosswalk). Along with this comes “geo-relevance” for advertising and coupons, which the “box” provides.

If this ultimately works in the wild as indicated, this could be a nice kit to lay the groundwork for all kinds of slick geo-innovation. If not, we’ve just added to the hype ;-/

Either way, bring it on.

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