Foursquare API Spawns Live Connections with ChatSq

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Back to the future: Future home page of chatsq.comWe’ve been waiting for this one… and waiting. Looks like a small innovations lab called BubbleTree LLC decided to answer the call with ChatSq.

The team there is taking a crack at auto-connecting people based on location. Smartly, they are building atop an established behavior (the check-in), specifically of foursquare. Their to-be-released app for iPhone is a little like the old Match Chat desktop product that looked at people’s profiles and dropped similar socialites into a chat room and said, “go!” Only now it can be based on who’s here with you in thisverybar/club/restaurant. It’s the logical next step, and frankly not the first, but the first we’ve seen with the popular check-in service.

Of course, all parties must have foursquare (duh). Would be nice if we’d get to a time where bluetooth would allow multiple simultaneous connections via devices based on radius and sans┬áproprietary client…

Back to waiting.

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