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Street Fight Daily: Bloomspot Bought, Passbook a Hit

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

J.P. Morgan Buys Daily Deals Company Bloomspot (The Wall Street Journal)
J.P. Morgan Chase is buying daily-deals startup Bloomspot as it looks to target customers with merchant offers to spur card spending. The deal could enable J.P. Morgan, the largest U.S. credit-card lender and a major processor of card transactions for merchants, to generate new sources of revenue by tailoring discounts and other deals for retailers to cardholders based on spending patterns.

How Press Association Ad Networks Can Help Newspapers Compete Online (Street Fight)
Matt Sokoloff: One would think that the Internet would help ad networks from state press and newspaper associations operate with even greater efficiency, but these groups are only in the early stages online. Still they are well-positioned to help increase CPMs and provide a way for newspapers to ensure that their ad inventory is always sold at a set value.

Apple’s Passbook Is a Surprise Success for Developers (Wired)
Downloads of American Airlines’ app, which launched the day Passbook went live, skyrocketed in the 10 days after Passbook launched, bringing the airline an additional 1 million downloads. Now about 20,000 passes are served each day, and the company has 1.5 million active users of the service.

Parsing the Value of Social Media Brand Advocates (Street Fight)
Patrick Kitano: Although building a brand advocate network on social media potentially involves a lot of quid pro quo costs, it also likely creates stronger commercial relationships with the customer base than any campaign involving an attempt to buy loyalty with a discount coupon.

Mobile, Location, Data (Nieman Journalism Lab)
Amy Schmitz Weiss: We will see more apps being developed in 2013 that will allow the user to incorporate their location into using the app and getting information — whether that is by zip code, address, or landmark. This will pose a unique challenge to news organizations to innovate in order to keep pace.

Study Hints At Long-Term Siri Threat To Google In Mobile (Search Engine Land)
According to a study by investment firm Piper Jaffray, Siri today (iOS 6) relies on Google considerably less than it did in iOS 5. That’s partly a result of the switch from Google’s local data in Maps to Apple’s own mapping data.

Digital Storefronts’ Role in the 2013 Small Business Toolkit (iMedia Connection)
Wiley Cerilli: At its simplest, the digital storefront is an easy way to post critical business information – the content that consumers want when they are searching, like a menu or product listing. Ultimately, digital storefronts are no longer a luxury for small businesses; in 2013, they are a necessity.

This New Technology Will Save You From Getting Lost in the Mall (Business Insider)
Researchers think they’ve found a way to create apps that can tell you how to navigate indoors, even when GPS is unavailable. The technology that will underpin these apps is called Wi-Fi fingerprinting, and it doesn’t require accompanying GPS location data or a manually uploaded map of the building.

PODCAST: This Week in Location-Based Marketing — Yoose (Street Fight)
In this week’s episode, hosts Rob Woodbridge and Asif Khan look at whether Bing can perform as the underdog, discuss the new Google Maps for iOS, and review the new Point augmented reality app. Plus funding news, resource of the week and special guest Christian Geissendoerfer of Yoose.

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