#SFSNYC: Taking Location ‘Beyond Pins on a Map’

As more ideas and information are loaded into maps, the context of the data used in the creation needs to be clear, said Mapbox SVP Marc Prioleau. “Location is data,” Prioleau said.” Don’t just put your data on the map. Your data is the map.”

#SFSNYC: Drawing the Connection Between Online Presence and In-Store Sales

More and more, businesses need to stay on top of their digital presences, which extend well beyond their company websites. The variety of outlets where people can discuss their impressions of a brand continues to expand says Elisabeth Kurek, uberall’s vice president of partner growth, who will speak at next week’s Street Fight Summit in Brooklyn.

#SFSNYC: How SOCi Ties Local Reputation and Social Media at Scale

A high volume of reviews and feedback give voice to customer sentiment, especially at a national or global level. The trouble is sorting out how those comments relate to individual store locations, if at all, or if these are responses to specific marketing campaigns.

Why SharkNinja Keeps Searching for New Ways to Connect With Local Consumers

Building a rapport with customers at the local level can be a challenge for product makers who do not have their own stores. It can be an even more elaborate task for a brand whose products have long lifecycles. That makes it all the more important to ensure digital marketing is cognizant of its customers’ needs, says transformation VP Ajay Kapoor.

Why Google Play Sees Complementary Roles for Travel and Local Apps

A few taps is all it takes with an app to book travel arrangements or order dinner — and while those sound like vastly different services they can intersect in numerous ways, according to Jeena James, global head of travel and local for Google Play. James caught up with us recently to discuss how apps can be contextual on multiple levels.

GoDaddy Balances Tech and Self-Service in a Fragmented Marketplace

“The way that you cut through the noise is to build products and services that are loved by the people who use them so much that they proactively tell their neighbor next to them, or proactively tell the business group they are a part of,” says the company’s product chief, Steven Aldrich.

How Harman Takes Electronics Marketing to the Local Level

Having the customer’s ear is literally what Harman International wants, but getting their attention at the local level takes more than a few steps for a consumer electronics maker. Shobhit Kapoor, Harman’s vice president of global brand marketing, caught up with Street Fight recently to talk about how the company thinks about connecting with local consumers.

#SFSNYC: Street Fight Announces Winners of the 2016 Local Visionary Awards

The 13-category competition honors the very best campaigns, companies, ideas, and individuals working in the local marketing and commerce ecosystem. Nearly 200 submissions were received in the competition, and they were judged by a group of innovators and local experts.

#SFSNYC: Finding the Next Billion-Dollar Local Startup

Having a great idea for a new product to launch in the local space is exciting. However, taking an idea and turning it into the next great local company takes money. And sometimes, it takes a lot of money to go from idea to a billion dollar product.

#SFSNYC: Why Location Data Management Needs Technology and Agency Services

At Street Fight Summit in New York on Tuesday, Brett Fritz, VP of business development at digital performance marketing company DAC Group, spoke about why marketing and location data management should be done by a mix of agency work and technology.

#SFSNYC: How Local Tech Companies Can Reach Scale in the SMB Ecosystem

Creating new technology for the SMB space is one thing; trying to achieve any sort of scale is something entirely different. Companies either need to bring on a large sales force to go door to door or they need to partner with one of the much larger companies in the space.

HomeAdvisor CEO’s Top 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Into the Home Services Market

HomeAdvisor CEO Chris Terrill has been helping people find, furnish, decorate, organize and fix their homes since 2011. Before that, he helped people find mates, watch movies at home, and manage their weight. On Oct. 25th in NYC, he’ll take the stage at Street Fight Summit.

HomeAdvisor CEO: The Marketplace for Home Services Is ‘Operationally Intense’

“If you’re going to get into [the home services] space, you better be prepared to really invest and for the long haul,” says Chris Terrill. “There are no quick fixes or technology that’s suddenly going to turn this thing around.”

Street Fight Launches ‘Local Visionary Awards’ to Honor the Industry’s Best and Brightest

For four-and-a-half years, Street Fight has been the go-to resource for people working in local media, marketing, commerce and tech. Building on that history, today we are launching a 10-category competition designed to honor the very best campaigns and ideas in local.

VIDEO: Ebay’s Ramadge Says Winning Trust is Key to Winning in Local

During a keynote at Street Fight Summit in New York City last week, David Ramadge, head of venture outreach at eBay, offered a fascinating look at the shift in digital economy from global networks to connected “village economies…

The Rise of Marketing Automation in Local’s Next Act

Marketing automation isn’t just for the biggest companies in the world anymore. Thanks to companies like Booker, Signpost, Shopkeep, and others, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) have access to the data and the tools to reach their customers in smart, efficient ways while minimizing the hassle on the backend…

Alignable Growing a Social Network for Small Businesses

Founded by the co-founders of Constant Contact and Invisalign, Alignable allows small businesses owners to share information, ask questions, and seek answers from other merchants nearby and business owners in similar industries across the country. Think Nextdoor — but with worried store owners instead of overbearing parents.

#SFSNYC VIDEO: The Next Billion-Dollar Exit in Hyperlocal

With Google’s acquisition of Waze earlier this year, local tech is back in the limelight. During a panel at Street Fight Summit in New York last month, Matt Turck of First Mark Capital, Ben Siscovick of IA Ventures, and Jason Klein from OnGrid Ventures discussed where the best investing opportunities are these days in the local…

#SFSNYC VIDEO: How Big Data Is Revolutionizing Retail

In a panel at Street Fight Summit in New York last month, experts from the retail analytics space explored the ways big data is transforming the retail industry. Wesley Barrow, CRO at Nomi and Alexei Agratchev, CEO at RetailNext talked about how retailers can maximize profit from the moment a shopper walks into their store. Meanwhile, Larry Promisel, SVP Digital Commerce at Camuto Group, offered the retailer’s perspective, saying that while privacy is concerning for retailers, the overall benefit of creating the better experience a customer wants outweighs those concerns…

#SFSNYC VIDEO: Scale Still Elusive for Hyperlocals, But Hope Springs Eternal

According to BuzzMachine blogger and author Jeff Jarvis, AOL’s Patch did hyperlocal scale all wrong: “What they should have been was a sales network for local sites,” he said during a conversation with CBS Local Digital Media President Ezra Kucharz at Street Fight Summit last month. “If that existed, other local sites would have been able to start. It would have led to mass opportunity…”