How One International Juice Company Takes Its Marketing Local

Even though Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company has customers around the world, its marketing strategy is focused on reaching local markets. Street Fight recently caught up with CMO Natalie Sexton to talk about the company’s approach.

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive More In-Store Sales This Holiday Season

’Tis the season for brick-and-mortar businesses to figure out their digital marketing strategies for the holidays, if they haven’t already. With holiday sales coming up next week, here are some ways that businesses can use social media marketing to get more foot traffic into their stores.

VIDEO: Hyperlocal Media 2.0 — Events and Email?

The sale of AOL’s local media network, Patch, earlier this year marked something of an end to a lot of the optimism that once surrounded hyperlocal media. As local media veteran Jim Brady says, the category entered the “huddle for warmth” phase of its lifecycle. But a more optimistic tone has begun to return to the industry…

VIDEO: No Solicitors Please! How to Sell Services to SMBs

During a panel at Street Fight Summit, GoDaddy’s Rene Reinsberg, Facebook’s SMB director Jonathan Czaja, and Vendasta’s CEO Brendan Kind discussed strategies and tactics to cut through the clutter and build trust with small business customers…

VIDEO: Ebay’s Ramadge Says Winning Trust is Key to Winning in Local

During a keynote at Street Fight Summit in New York City last week, David Ramadge, head of venture outreach at eBay, offered a fascinating look at the shift in digital economy from global networks to connected “village economies…