New Data Shows National Marketers Want to Place Dollars in Local Media

National marketers care an awful lot about local media, and they put stock in some of the traditional channels such as radio and print, but they’re shifting dollars and interest toward digital innovations. Local media have a big opportunity to leverage their local context and relationships, and lead national marketers into digital waters. In other words, they can take the dollars for local media, plus capture the continued expansion of budget for online initiatives…

New Report Identifies Enterprise Customer Types & Needs

In our latest analysis, we discovered that the integration needs of enterprise marketers reveal some clear correlations in terms of attitude, behavior and installed technologies. For example, the companies that found local store sites to be most effective were also doing well with local print, and planned to increase their social, mobile, and digital display advertising.

Street Fight Daily: Wal-Mart May Buy, MasterCard Teams Up with PlaceIQ

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Looking at Amazon, Wal-Mart in Talks to Buy Web Retailer… New Report Identifies Enterprise Customer Types and Needs… MasterCard Hooks Up With PlaceIQ for Location-Based Insights…

Survey: Demand for Multichannel Programmatic Is Promising

Nearly one-third of the respondents in Street Fight’s survey who also said that local media and content was important for their marketing were thinking about such cross-channel programmatic. Interest appeared highest for marketers who found local TV effective, but also played strongly with radio and print fans.

Survey: Many Opportunities to Connect Local Media With National-to-Local Marketers

National brands and retailers remain wedded to traditional media and marketing for their local branches, franchises, and resellers. However, they are increasing their spending on digital channels, and over half of them feel it’s important to associate their campaigns with local media and content.

Why Enterprise Marketers Are Such an Elusive Market

A new report based on insights collected from 200 executives at some of the biggest brands and retailers, reveals a lingering preference for traditional media over digital. But it offers a glimmer of hope where it shines a light on the pain points that are keeping digital from realizing its full potential with enterprise marketers…

Survey: Some National-to-Local Marketers Still Need Convincing on Digital Effectiveness

Street Fight surveyed over 200 managers and decision makers at big companies in retail, financial services, and other industries. We asked them about spending patterns, perceived effectiveness, pain points, etc., around their local marketing and advertising efforts.

Survey: Many National-to-Local Marketers Use Home-Grown Management and Analytics Tools

Relatively few of these sophisticated companies make use of a common tool for managing and coordinating campaigns. That’s the case even though a third of respondents said various local programs were centralized at headquarters.

Survey: How National-to-Local Marketers Plan to Grow Their Digital Budgets

Street Fight recently surveyed decision makers at over 200 national-to-local marketers and found nearly half of them spend a third or more of their digital marketing budget in support of their franchises, branch offices, and distributors.

National-to-Local Marketers’ Top Pain Points Center on Integration

Nearly half of those who responded said they spend 1/3 or more of their digital marketing dollars to support their branch offices, franchises, and distributors — and 40% of them expect that budget mix to increase.